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Lifting Weights V Cardio

Cardio v Weight Training

I often get asked “What's more important, lifting weights or doing cardio?” - To answer this question, I need you to think more than 8 weeks ahead. I want to set you up with habits that will give you a good body in 8 months, that you can keep for the rest of your life.

Cardio is a great tool, used in short block to help drive you into a calorie deficit - The problem with it long term is that the fitter you get, the more efficient your body is at doing the same amount of work and it uses less and less calories. To get the same net result in calories used, you need to do more and more work.

Now, the opposite applies to lifting weights - For the same perceived effort, the bigger and strong you get, the more calories you will use - TAKE HOME POINT - LIFT WEIGHTS ALWAYS, DO CARDIO SOMETIMES.

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