Theatre Review - Wild Bore

Wild Bore

Created & Performed by Ursula Martinez, Zoë Coombs Marr, Adrienne Truscott


Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

So there is a trestle table set up for three people for what appears will be a panel discussion or question time.

Then atop the table appears three naked backsides. The performers start quoting the numerous negative reviews of each of their previous theatrical endeavours and their current show. It’s as if their bottoms are talking.

Topless, they eventually present more quotes. Then they do it entirely naked. In between, they do the quotes while wearing fake buttocks on their heads.

I was curious about this production because Ursula Martinez posted a thumb tip routine on YouTube a few years ago and it went viral, but she has clearly devolved.

The advertised time of the performance was 60 minutes but it ran for about 90 and seemed much longer. Truth is that it could have easily been done in half the time; it’s a one-trick pony.

More “bore” than “wild”.


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