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Review: American Express Open Air Cinemas in Bondi

Bondi Open Air Cinema

American Express Open Air Cinemas in Bondi is a great experience for the whole family.

We had the opportunity to experience and see Hugh Jackman's 'The Greatest Showman'. The layout of the cinema itself is spacious, allowing enough room for patrons to spread out without over cramping. There are bean bags available for hire, however we were given a soft picnic blanket and took a seat on the grass. The view of the screen was uninterrupted which made for a good viewing experience and the grass itself soft and comfortable.

There is a bar and options to purchase food, we sampled some Giesen wine - one of the few options that were available and was very flavoursome. We didn't buy any food, but opted for BYO food which is a great option for a picnic style dinner. Another added bonus - furry friends are allowed. They were numerous dogs around which created a very friendly environment.

Overall, American Express Open Air Cinemas is a great night out for family, friends or couples.

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