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The Problem With Juice Diets

It's happened again! I thought it must have died out!

Another one of my Instagram friends is going on a juice cleanse and documenting the whole thing for everyone to see his amazing transformation.

I get it!

Lots of people are worried about:

  • Those xenoestrogens and round up on fruit and veg.

  • The environmental pollution that is making our lungs black and causing global warming.

  • Those deadly artificial sweeteners

  • All the things we can't control

And a super juice diet comes out claiming to reset your system and ‘detoxify’ your body!

The problem is, juicing detox diets don’t do this. In fact they can do the exact opposite causing:

  • Protein deficiency

  • Extremely low in energy,

  • Unhealthy blood-sugar swings

  • Yoyo / restrictive eating and overcompensation

Instead of having a knee jerk reaction to your poor nutrition behaviours look at making a sustainable long term change to your nutrition. Take control of your calories and stop looking for shortcuts.

Coach Sean

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