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Big Table Supper Club Comes to Sydney

Big Supper Club

Big Table Supper Club together with Backyard Opera is helping to bring a brand new dining experience to Sydney. Those of you lucky enough to have lived abroad, may have experienced the phenomena of supper clubs. However for the uninitiated, supper clubs are curated, cosy dining experiences held by chefs, or food enthusiasts in a more relaxed setting than the restaurant. For Cat Dorsen, the founder of Big Table Supper Club, the allure is all in the freedom to try something new each time, coupled with meeting new people every time. “They can be themed or whatever the cook wants to serve - you show up, meet new people and see what happens.” She explains. Cat was initiated by the dinner parties of 80’s and grew up helping her mother out in the kitchen before last year training at Leith’s cooking school in London to perfect her skills. After coming back home to Australia, she felt as though something was missing. “I noticed the need for more opportunities to bring people together for an experience more than just dinner, and from there, the idea for Big Table was born.” So you’re probably wondering how it all work: well at Big Table you’re presented with 4-5 courses, of which you know very little about, and you together with your new friends at the table share the journey together. Of course you’re welcome to bring a few friends if flying solo isn’t your thing. Big Table Supper Club’s “Chef Choice” launch event is coming up on Saturday the 24th of February, and includes a 4-5-course dinner and three glasses of wine. To experience the first supper club, click the link below.

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