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The Morrison Crab Carnival 2018

The Morrison Crab Carnival

The Morrison is at it again! It's a Crab Carnival Extravaganza and is officially returning between 19th March – 15th April with an appealing new menu set to surprise and delight Sydney-siders.

This is the 5th Crab Carnival held by The Morrison celebrating the art of creating, cooking delicious crab dishes, featuring a speciality menu curated by The Morrison’s Culinary Director, Chef Sean Connolly.

This year’s menu is inspired by Sean’s personal passion for Italian cooking, with dish standouts including the exquisite Crab Ravioli and indulgent Crab Risotto. Sydney Chic sent Sean and Grace along to the launch last night and I'm told that the two of them were in crab heaven! Apparently the Crab Ravioli being a big hit!

Crab Risotto

“Most people make the mistake of thinking that crabs are only a summer delicacy,” Sean Connolly says. “I want to inspire people to incorporate crab into heartier, comfort foods, especially as we enter into the colder months. Fusing crab with Italian cuisine highlights the versatility of this humble crustacean.”

The Morrison Crab Carnival

In addition to creating innovative crab dishes, Crab Carnival is committed to delivering a menu that is as sustainable as it is delicious. Chef Connolly has worked closely with suppliers to ensure the produce provided promotes sustainability, inspired by the paddock to plate ethos.

The Morrison Crab Carnival

Sean’s signature Chilli Mud Crab and Mac & Cheese will also be making a return for 2018. Complementing the menu will be a selection of beverages, including a refreshing gin inspired lemon myrtle flavoured cocktail, a sweet rosé sangria, and a raft of nautical-inspired craft beers.

And as if that weren’t enough, throughout Crab Carnival there will be a number of sumptuous specials on offer. Please see them below:

  • Monday & Thursday – Steam Pot Nights (only available on these nights)

  • Tuesday – Cheap Chilli Muddies

  • Wednesday – The infamous $1 Oyster Hour

  • Friday - $12 cocktail and beer specials

The 2018 Crab Carnival is running between 19th March – 15th April at The Morrison. Pinch yourself a spot at the table by booking your reservation here.


Photos supplied by The Morrison

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