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Sydney’s Unique Venues Association Relaunch: Magic in Sydney

Sydney-siders rejoice! The relaunch of Sydney Unique Venues Association (SUVA) means you can book in your magical memories at over 60 unique locations around this beautiful city. From bachelor parties to wedding receptions, gala dinners to corporate conferences, and cocktail functions to whatever your heart desires, SUVA can make it happen.

Coney Island Luna Park

Their relaunch party at Luna Park’s Coney Island was evidence to their talent. Inviting adults to an amusement park after a long day’s work still in their professional attire is a bold stunt in itself but the SUVA crew lived up to the challenge. All business was left out in the rain as the event organisers and venue coaxed everyone’s inner child to come out and play.

Coney Island Luna Park Sydney

The old-school funhouse was filled with lively conversations, excitable cheers, and youthful grins as everyone’s work woes were washed away. Suit jackets and blazers came off as many took on the Joy Wheel, though their smiles remained intact throughout the tricky challenge. Work heels ascended up the ceiling-high stairs to brave the Devil’s Drop; the climb clearly worth the thrilling plunge from Luna Park’s steepest slide. Laughter was had as giddy contenders took on the Barrels of Fun, blaming their lack of balance to the free flowing bubbles as they made their way through the spinning tunnel. Just how much fun were we having? Barrels and barrels of it.

Luna Park Sydney

I can vouch for the phenomenal evening as I enjoyed the company of two lovely ladies I had the pleasure of meeting. I met Gina Gaw and Supechha Sharma from Australian Tours & Holidays when the event photographer asked to take our photos with two other very tall and pink ladies. The latter two went elsewhere, likely to have their heights checked for rides, but I began talking to Gina and Supechha and had a wonderful time. We ended up chatting until the end of the event and even shared an Uber ride back to the city.

Luna Park Sydney

Though we had a little trouble finding our Uber driver Gary, it all worked out in the end as we were treated to a tremendous display of fireworks as we crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The four of us joked it was all Gary’s plan to time the fireworks for us as we probably would have missed them if we had found his car right away.

Luna Park

Meeting and having such delightful company by chance at an iconic venue like Luna Park and then being gifted a colourfully lit up sky as we crossed the most renowned bridge in Australia felt like I was in a perfectly crafted fairy-tale. It was all very enchanting. To think that this was just a glimpse of what sort of events, memories, and meetings can come at a SUVA venue is absolutely promising. It only goes to show that with SUVA, a magical “Once upon a time” isn’t so far off for a tale for Sydney-siders.

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