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Terry Evans Racing - Winners Are Trained

Terry Evans Racing

I meet people in the most unusual circumstances, and many times on Instagram! So it's no surprise I met Terry Evans 'officially' on instagram. Every morning I walk along Nine Mile Beach since my sea change, where I see spectacular sunrises, dolphins and sometimes horses on the beach.

Nine Mile Beach Tuncurry

I had seen Terry and the crew bring the horses down to the beach on many occasions, and on this particular day I managed to take a sneaky Instagram photo and tagged Terry Evans Racing. From that post began a conversation and an invite down to the Tuncurry Racing Track at 6.30 a.m. to find out more about how racing horses are trained.

Terry Evans Racing

Terry Evans is a passionate man and a very successful Race Horse Trainer who has spent his life around, and working with, horses. I could see this when I observed him at the beach, and certainly this morning when he lead his team on their early morning rituals. I have been to many a race at Royal Randwick but there is something very special about a small beachside country town racing track. The grounds may not be manicured like Royal Randwick, but there is a damn in the middle of the track and surrounded in bush. I love it!

Tuncurry Race Track

Terry Evans has of accumulated wisdom combined with good old fashioned “horse sense” and is true horseman. You can see his love for these animals in his face. Terry spent 10 years running JT Thoroughbreds, a well established and successful pre-training, breaking and spelling business, providing him with the opportunity to work for, and learn from, some of Sydney’s leading trainers.

Terry Evans Racing

I observed that Terry is a hands-on man guiding his small team to be the best that they can. I also observed the commitment and dedication of this team on the beach and at the track.

Horse trainers mid north coast

I was surprised to lean how affordable it is to actually become part of an racing horse syndication, especially here in the country.

As I wandered through the stables I could feel how each of these beautiful horses had their own personality.

Meet Flash. Flash thinks he is a thoroughbred racing horse but please just humour him. There is a story about how Flash the Goat helped a race horse become a champion.

If you are interested in owning a race horse, training a horse, buying a horse then speak to Terry Evans.

I can't wait to for the next race at Tuncurry Jockey Club on 7th September.

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