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Work Club - A New Sophisticated Working Space in Barangaroo

Work Club Barrangaro

There is a new, sophisticated working space in Sydney that was recently launched in Barangaroo. Work Club is an alternative to long term leases for medium to large corporates. This innovative shared space extends Work Club’s current offering from individual and small business members to accommodate the emerging needs of organisations with up to 150 team members.

Work Club Barrangaroo

This is the third Australian location for Work Club with the new working space at Barangaroo offering waterfront views and an ideal location, close to the hub of restaurants, Wynyard and a place to walk around the foreshore.

Soren Trampedach

Founder Soren Trampedach is planning three more spaces in the coming year to further revolutionise the way we work and share space. A thought-leader on innovation and the new work culture, Soren has an impressive 20-year career in leadership positions, and continues to provide consultancy on workplace to industry leaders such as Google, Deloitte, NAB and Facebook. Soren created Work Club to provide established businesses with a unique, boutique solution to the challenges posed by the rapid pace of change in the working environment. Speaking over five languages and having lived and worked in many countries, Soren is a true international citizen.

Work Club Kent Street

According to Soren, in five years the word co-working won’t exist as larger organisations are looking for something much more sophisticated from shared spaces than start-ups. He says teams are growing and fluctuating more rapidly than ever before, so long term leases won’t make sense in the emerging future.

Work Club provides flexible membership access that scales up and down and can be an alternative to long term leasing. It is Work Club's vision to provide exceptional workplace services, shared space that energise and inspire, and flexible membership options that are more attractive than traditional lease agreements.

Work Club

As a former workplace consultant for Google, Deloitte, NAB and Facebook, Soren and his team have carefully curated every element of the Barangaroo workspace, from the furniture down to the artisan textures and finishes. Every sensory aspect has been meticulously considered, including a custom scent designed to energise your mood and inspire productivity. His Nordic passion for craft, quality and sophisticated simplicity is evident throughout every inch of the Kent Street space, with each piece of furniture telling its own unique story. For example, the The Gaia boardroom table was crafted by Thors Design from up-cycled wood that was originally a Danish ferry wharf over 100 years old. After a century of strengthening from the ocean waves, the wood now weighs nearly half a tonne.

Work Club Barrangaroo

A testament to Soren’s Scandinavian heritage, the Nordic aesthetic brings a delightfully calming yet energising ambiance to the workspace, with chairs crafted by the carpenter who created Noma’s dining furniture and solid wood floors lining the halls. While this may sound aspirational for many businesses, the potential cost efficiencies for organisations that currently hold long-term leases are significant. Work Club’s signature Concierge services and anti-disciplinary culture, the catalyst for the cross pollination of ideas across industry and disciplines, are the other big draw cards for corporates, having already attracted industry thought leaders. “Work Club, offer a unique workspace, cultural and social hub that empowers the diverse community to thrive, share the ideas worth sharing. TEDxSydney have an intensely curious, curatorial team that source speakers from diverse backgrounds. Work Club consciously select it’s member base to ensure there is diversity in industries leading to diversity in thought. Work Club also allows TEDxSydney to be flexible with the team that can fluctuate in size every six months.” Susan McMahon, General Manager and Head of Operations, TEDxSydney.

Work Club Barangaroo

Having partnered with Investa on 201 Kent Street, existing building tenants will have the option to take up a Work Club membership that grants them access to the shared social and hospitality spaces, giving them a chance to benefit from the anti-disciplinary culture. “Not only will Work Club improve the amenity for tenants at 201 Kent Street, providing an alternate space from which to work and collaborate, it will also further develop the community within the building, providing great opportunities for people to connect and network,” said building General Manager, Danielle Bryan from Investa.

Work Club Global: Work Club Sydney Barangaroo 201 Kent Street Barangaroo NSW

Photos: Supplied of the launch

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