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Ovvio Tea and Wellness Company Ditches Plastic Packaging

Ovvio Organics

I make no secret that packaging is my biggest complaint. Although I understand some items need to be packaged it's always good to hear of companies that are coming up with alternative solutions. Tea and wellness company Ovvio Organics is shunning plastic and switching to sustainable alternatives to coincide with Plastic Free July.

Ovvio are on of the first Australian companies to embrace sustainable, compostable refill packaging, a move founder Anthia Koullouros hopes will pave the way for industry change. Ovvio use compostable refill bags, forever-use tea tins and a dedicated room where customers can top up their teas, herbs and spices in bulk. This will help reduce the notoriously indestructible and laden with chemicals packaging used in the industry.

Ovvio Organics

Ovvio use NZ Company, Convex’ bags and wrappers, called Econic, that are made from renewable, plant-derived materials that compost effectively, unlike some biodegradables which fail to break down. Although not the cheapest it's something Anthia believes is worth it.

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