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I'm a frequent Flyer of FlyPelican so I thought it was time to write about this little regional airline, especially as I see many 'first timers' see the plane with a rather worried or sometimes amused look on their faces. The reason is that the 19 seat British Aerospace Jetstream 32 aircraft isn't exactly what you would call enormous! In fact, my brother who has been flying with Cathay Pacific for many years used to fly the Jetstream 32 early in his career.

Photo: FlyPelican

Now don't expect any flight service on your trips with FlyPelican, because there's none! The plane is too small but there is something really cool that I love about flying with the airline and that is you get to meet the pilots! I know quite a few of them now from my travels and there is something awesome watching the pilots taxi the plane and take off, and then the landing at the destination. The seats are small with a single row on the left and double seats on the right. I always keep my seatbelt fastened on these flights in case we hit some unexpected turbulence.

Photo: Deb Carr - landing into Sydney

I've also got to know a number of the ground staff both in Taree and Sydney and they are always very friendly and helpful. Recently I had mistaken my flight time, and one of the ground staff in Sydney rang me to see if I was going to make it to check in. Luckily I was at the airport at the time and made the flight. When departing in Sydney you can only get boarding pass one hour before the flight, so if you want to go to inside to the restaurants and shops you will need to come back out and go through security again, which I find annoying. I have discovered though, if there is one of the other flights leaving a couple of hours earlier you can get your boarding pass at that time. I believe online check in will eventually happen.

FlyPelican have recently updated the website and there's plenty of information about the airline and they also offer a travel service. If you are looking for more travel information on the Mid North Coast and North Coast NSW then hop onto my other blog North Coast Leisure and Life.

Photo: Deb Carr - Leaving Sydney via Instagram

I'm a big supporter of FlyPelican, it's a great regional airline and I've only ever had one delay and that was due to a severe storm in Sydney.

FlyPelican are currently operating regular scheduled passengers services between; Newcastle-Canberra, Newcastle-Ballina (Byron Bay), Newcastle-Dubbo, Canberra-Dubbo, Sydney-Mudgee, Sydney-Taree and Newcastle-Sydney. They also have the capability of carrying out air charter services anywhere within Australia.

FlyPelican Website

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