TRIBE Swimwear 100% Designed and Made in Sydney, Australia

Now in it's 10th year, TRIBE Swimwear was founded by Bettina Andretic who had a goal to make the stylish mens swimwear without comprising on quality and it needed to be 100% Australian designed and made. Bettina certainly achieved that goal!

TRIBE Swimwear designs are made using the very best quality fabrics, superb attention to detail and superior fit, and because of this the brand has earned itself a reputation for creating quality swimwear worldwide with many repeat customers. Each year Bettina designs TRIBE Swimwear with a new sophisticated look including being the first to use metallic fabrics.

TRIBE Swimwear's attention to detail includes the TRIBE logo printed on the cord and the specially made chlorine and salt resistant toggles to the handcrafted detail of its stripe & check ranges, where each garment is individually hand cut to ensure the pattern matched perfectly. You don't get that in mass produced foreign imports.

I sat down with Bettina recently and it was clear to me that this is one lady who is not prepared to falter on her values for her company. A lot of time and care goes into each piece of TRIBE Swimwear which is created in Sydney.


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