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How to Choose Between Two Holiday Destinations

Geneva Lake

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! I’ve decided to plan a holiday and tossing up between two destinations that I’ve never been to before Switzerland and Bahrain and in doing my homework I’ve finally decided on the winner, but it did take some research before I came to the final decision. So the process I went through is as follows.



This is probably the biggest deciding factor and that’s whether you are travelling on the cheap or able to afford a luxury experience. I’m not able to afford the most luxurious, and I’m lucky I can go on airline staff travel, but that’s always on standby so it’s risky if you can’t get on your flight or you are making connections. I’ve set my budget and I’ve worked out what I can afford without having to be on a tight budget on the trip.

The Destinations

In my case I’m looking between Bahrain and Geneva. I’ve never been to the Middle East nor Switzerland. I’m probably more inclined to visit Switzerland rather than the Middle East as I would feel safer. Switzerland has always appealed to me and the Middle East fascinates me, but before I came to my final decision I weighed up everything that I’m writing about in this blog post.

Where to Stay

Personally I like to stay in a suite that offers amenities that are more like an apartment than a suite. So I’m tossing up between Fraser Suites Geneva and Fraser Suites Seef, but it depends on which destination is the winner. Having researched a number of hotels in the areas I’ve decided to keep to the self-contained apartment as it is more in my budget.


This isn’t a big deciding factor for me, but for some i.e. those who must work out at a gym every day would be more inclined to think about these things. I don’t care about swimming or spa’s either as I’d rather be out exploring.

Things to do in the Area

As a blogger this is a massive deciding factor because wherever I go I will always be intending to write a story. I’m especially keen on taking photos of landscapes, architecture and nature so this is a big deciding factor for me. So I weighed up the attractions in both Bahrain and Geneva:

Al-Fateh Mosque


  • Qalat at Bahrain - an ancient fort that has had numerous owners throughout history.

  • Al-Fateh Mosque - I’ve read this is a spectacular mosque

  • The Bahrain National Museum - with a 4,000 year collection of history

  • Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

  • Tree of Life - a sacred landmark adored by the locals who feel it brings them closer to God.

Geneva Botanical Gardens


  • Lake Geneva - the largest lake in Central Europe

  • The Jet d’Eau - five hundred litres of water per second propelled to a height of 140 metres

  • Bains des Pâquis - public baths along a pier on the west shore of Lake Geneva.

  • Mont Salève - “Balcony of Geneva” and rises approximately 1,400 metres there is a cable car that can get you to the top within 5 minutes

  • Geneva’s botanical gardens with 14,000 plant species gathered from all over the world.


As a single woman traveller safety is very important. I’m used to travelling on my own and when I visited New York that was a trip I did alone also. In fact, it was that trip that I decided no matter what, I was going to take myself to a bar and sit alone without feeling self-conscious. I’d never felt like I could do that in Sydney. Once I did that in New York I was able to do the same anywhere after that.


Reading other travellers reviews from Trip Advisor is a great way to help decide on your holiday destination.

Best Time to Travel

For me it’s our winter because I really do not like the cold weather and escaping Australia. Then again, I would never travel to Europe in its winter time, I couldn’t think of anything worse and I’d never give up one single week of my Australian summer. Many people of course would be the opposite to me. Another lesson I have learnt is to not book anything in school holidays and I’m lucky I can choose this, parents of course need take their holidays when the kids are having school breaks.

Geneva Switzerland

My Final Decision

Geneva! After considering all the factors I would feel safer in Geneva, and having looked at the tourist attractions, like the small example I wrote about earlier, I think Geneva has more to offer for me personally.

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