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Jacaranda Estate a Boutique NSW Winery

Jacaranda Estate Wingham

As I pulled up at Jacaranda Estate at 2.00 pm on a sunny winter's afternoon I could hear plenty of happy voices and I immediately guessed that the male was Mark Smith, who owns the winery with his wife Belinda. I was right, and as soon as I showed my face, I was warmly greeted. I had already written and asked Mark and Belinda if I could visit and write a story about Jacaranda Estate so they were expecting me.

Jacaranda Estate Wingham

I was quickly given a glass of Bella, more about her later, then some information about the property, and with glass in hand instructed to have a look at the beautiful gardens and walk my way through the grape vines down to the river. That sounded like a marvellous plan to me, so off I trotted with Bella in my hand to explore Jacaranda Estate.

The first stop is the garden of exotic plants and with my list of the different species off I set. It was winter though so the garden wasn't as spectacular as you would expect in Spring. I will be returning to update these photos when Spring arrives.

Jacaranda Estate Wingham

The citrus trees were abundant with fruit including oranges, cumquats and grapefruit. I later asked Mark what he did with all this fruit to learn that they use it to make liqueurs. Ah that makes sense!

I noticed a vegetable garden set behind the citrus trees and I understand why Mark and Belinda call it a Vinegarden rather than Vineyard.

Jacaranda Estate Wingham

As I wandered through to the vineyard I came across a damn with the resident ducks. I thought it was a good opportunity to give Bella a bit of pose too.

Jacaranda Estate Wingham

I eventually made my way to the river, with Bella still in my hand and thought of how tranquil this property is. A very relaxing and enjoyable space indeed.

Jacaranda Winery WIngham

I headed back up to the Cellar Door and sat with Mark to learn more about his and Belinda's viticulture experience. He's quite the character I must say and I finished Bella off during our discussion.


She's a beautiful sparkling wine with no sugar! Bella is made from the same blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay as the Estate's Methode Champenoise without having been fermented for a second time in the bottle and so it is carbonated at the Estate and is available on tap and bottled. Being the base wine for the Estate's Methode Champenoise and without a second fermentation it is low in alcohol and well suited to being used as the base for cocktails and as a fun sparkling wine.

Jacaranda Estate Bella

Bella is available by the glass at only $4 or the bottle is $18. I was gifted a bottle to take home with me and I find this sparkling very drinkable.


The wines are made in Orange from the harvested grapes and returned to the Cellar Door, but once they are sold out that's it. Other wines on offer are Chardonnay, unoaked, European style $6 glass $30 bottle. Manzo a sweet sparkling rose $4 glass plus their own ale and ciders.

Jacaranda Estate WIngham


Chat to Mark and Belinda about holding an event at Jacaranda Estate.

There's a menu that offers 8 dishes if you are feeling like something to eat on your visit ranging from $10 - $15 and $5 for kids. Mark is the chef!

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and chat with Mark and please put Jacaranda Estate on your radar if you are travelling through or planning a holiday on the Mid North Coast NSW.

To find out more about the Mid North Coast visit my other blog North Coast NSW Leisure and Life.


Mark and Belinda Smith 0430 755 668

35 Appletree Street, Wingham NSW 2429.

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