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Styling Tips For Spring

Fashion Tips For Spring

Pic: Deb Centre with Phoebe on the right (and other Sydney Fashion Elite).

For those of you who haven't heard of Phoebe Garland, she's rather a fashion Icon in Sydney and with her husband, Robert, between them have over 60 years experience in the Fashion Trade. Their businesses Garland & Garland is a leading fashion consulting agency in Sydney providing a range of services from market and sales consulting, garment sales, range collaboration, brokering licensing partnerships, brokering development with major retailers and a thorough knowledge of wholesales.

As well as their consultancy Phoebe and Robert have an online jewellery business GxG Collective offering a range of unique jewellery pieces online.

You will often find Phoebe and Robert at front row in fashion shows and I can guarantee any fashion event I've ever turned up at, The Garlands will be there.

I asked Phoebe her tips for dressing in Spring and here is her advice.

Fashion tips for Spring


Spring is a all about colour so don't be afraid to embrace colour. If you prefer to wear neutral colour clothing go for a jewellery statement in colour like these elegant natural stone earrings.

For men make a statement with a tie and pocket square.

Fashion Tips for Spring


Not everyone suits the latest trend so rather than try and follow everyone else, embrace your own individuality and wear what you are comfortable in and what suits you. Fashion is about being yourself and individual.

Spring Fashion


Many stylists will offer this advice too. A good pair of quality shoes will help dress up an outfit. How many times have you judged a person by first appearances, and especially when you see the state of the shoes they are wearing?

Dressing tips for Spring


Rather than have a wardrobe full of cheap clothing, take your time in building your wardrobe of classic quality pieces that you can mix and match and keep for years. Quality clothing not only looks and fits better, it lasts longer too.

Styling Tips For Spring

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