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Wild Turkey Longbranch Launch Sydney

Wild Turkey Longbranch

Wild Turkey’s new blend Longbranch was launched in style in Sydney this week at Stanton & Co. Roseberry.

Longbranch is a collaboration between Wild Turkey’s master distiller Eddie Russell and Matthew McConaughey. The small batch bourbon was made by filtering Wild Turkey Bourbon through Texas mesquite and oak charcoal.

I’m the first to admit that I am not a seasoned Bourbon drinker - but it is important to try new things! The advice I received on the night was to go slow, sip gently, and enjoy the development of the flavours on your palate as you make your way through. It was good advice.

Wild Turkey LongBranch

We saddled up with Longbranch neat. With a bright gold colour, and aromas of vanilla and spice, the first flavour hit for me was caramel. It was smooth and warming, and a great way to see the blend’s character. Following that, there were an array of Longbranch-based cocktails, the standout being the Longbranch Citrus highball (with smoked lemonade, lemon and soda), and the Longbranch Manhattan, a more spicy offering with Cinzano, Cynar and bitters.

McConaughey was not in town (which is everyone’s first question), but he was very involved in the selection of the blend. So much so in fact that he felt like he became part of the Russell family, which is where the blend got its name. Longbranch refers to friends feeling included and connected to a wider extended family, like on the long branch of a family tree. A warming sentiment as you enjoy this new drop.

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