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All Hands Brewing House King Street Wharf Sydney

All hands brewery King Street Wharf

All Hands Brewing House is a great place to enjoy a casual lunch or some brewed beer made on the premises. Set in the very popular area of King St Wharf, All Hands Brewing House is where I recently enjoyed an afternoon eating delicious food and learning a little about how the beer is brewed on the premises. My waitress was Juliana who took great care of me and recommend some dishes which I thoroughly enjoyed.

First things first, a glass of bubbles! I know this is a beer brewing house but I don't drink beer so wine it was! I enjoyed sitting out in the sun with the scenery of Darling Harbour and watching the people walking by.

All hands brewery king street wharf

I decided to order from the Smoke Room and I chose the salmon. The salmon had been smoking for eight hours and it is served with a delicious beetroot salad. I also chose the Broccolini with olive oil and toasted almonds. The salmon was flavoursome and comes with quite a rich horseradish butter, which I did set aside as I have been recovering from an illness and needed more bland food. I managed to take a few sneaky tastes though and it certainly makes the dish. I loved the beetroot and cumin salad.

All hands brewery king street wharf

I'm not a great dessert eater, however there were some very tempting things that I could have ordered but I chose the cheese platter. It's a generous size and comes with walnuts, breads, fruit and of course some very good quality cheese. There is a good range of options on the All Hand Brewing House menu, and some great specials on during the week too. The venue also offers a range of sharing plates.

all hands brewery king street wharf

The seagulls kept me amused but seriously no feeding the birds please! They are cheeky and will stop at nothing to try and steal your food!

all hands brewery king street wharf

The venue is relaxed with seating both inside and outside. Heaters are situated around the outside for the colder days however I was enjoying a beautiful Sydney Spring afternoon and it was warm with wonderful blue skies.

all hands brewery king st wharf

There is no shortage of beer on tap and of course drinking beer straight from the brewery has to be a good thing!

All hands brewing house king street wharf

After lunch I wandered down to the brewery and met Head Brewer Sam Clayman who filled me in on the process. That's Sam below tasting his liquid gold! Yes, Sam we know it is a hard job!

Every craft beer served under the All Hands Brewing House label is hand-crafted on site in a state of the art microbrewery and is proudly on display for everyone to see. Guests are welcome to visit the brewery bar and watch the process over one of the specialty brews.

all hannds brewing house

The beers are made with the finest malts and hops with no added preservatives or sugars so the brews are 100% natural!

The brewing process happens right before your eyes in the mash tun in the show brewery located on the lower level of the venue, which also houses the fermentation and maturation tanks. When the beer is ready to serve, most of it is transferred to five 1200L serving tanks located behind the bar on the upper level and the rest transferred to 50L kegs. The serving tanks deliver the fresh brews direct to the taps through overhead copper and stainless steel pipes. The rest of the beer is distributed from the keg cellar located behind the serving tanks. For those with a keen interest in the inner workings of a cellar there is a display window facing onto the wharf.

I asked Sam to show me the hops, as I've never actually seen hops before. I was really surprised at the sweet aroma.

all hands brewing house

All Hands is also one of very few breweries in Australia to offer genuine Cask Ales. Selected ales are cask conditioned and served under optimum temperature from the dedicated Hand Pump bar.

A visit to All Hands Brewing House offers a great experience in a working micro-brewery. The best part is you get to enjoy the theatre of brewing with a pint of fresh, great tasting craft beer in your hand!

all hands brewing house king st wharf

All Hands Brewing House

22 The Promenade, King Street, Wharf

Open 11.00 a.m. until late.

all hands brewing house


Disclaimer: I dined as a guest of All Hands Brewing House and my review is a genuine portrayal of my experience.

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