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Fairina Cheng Creates Jewellery for Rule Breakers and Story Makers

Fairina Cheng

Fairina Cheng creates beautiful jewellery and there is nothing ordinary about this Sydney jeweller. Giving up the corporate world of meetings, deadlines early starts and late nights, Fairina swapped that life and became a jeweller after participating in an evening jewellery course. The jewellery course was the catalyst that took Farina from the stress of the corporate world to pursue a career in jewellery design.

Fairina Chen Jewellery

With qualifications in both jewellery design and manufacture, Fairina combines creative skills and technical knowhow to create jewellery that is well-made, with a twist of something special. Her latest design is this white gold and tourmaline ring celebrating the joy of finding beauty in the unexpected. Its sculptural lines and geometric setting make a dramatic first impression. But flip it on its side and you’ll discover a diamond eye and a gemstone fishtail, a whimsical nod to aquatic life.

Fairina Chen Jewellery

Fairina designs jewellery for those who are not satisfied in owning stock-standard pieces found in department stores, her clients want something that is bold and tells a story.

Fairina Chen Jewellery

For your own piece of custom, story-worthy jewellery visit

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