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Organic Aromas Essential Oils and Diffusers

Organic Aromas

As I sit here typing this post, my home smells of a range of beautiful aromatherapy fragrances that not only relax me, inspire me to get creative. I've been a bit slack in posting on all three of my blogs lately (yes I have two more blogs besides Sydney Chic) because I've been very unwell for the last four months with Crohn's Disease. It's knocked me to the ground quite frankly.

There are many things I do to cope with this illness; diet, rest and anything that makes me feel good, so filling my home with the fragrance of essential oils is one of the things that help. I've used essential oil burners with candles (and nearly caused a fire), I've used electric essential oil heaters where you add water and oil but the problem with them is if you forget to turn them off you end up with an overheating ceramic jar and a sticky mess. Then I discovered Organic Aromas.

Organic Aromas

What I love about Organic Aromas is that the diffuser uses no water and no heat! I can see the essential oils vaporise right in front of my eyes. The handmade diffuser is constructed with speciality glass and high quality wood and come in a variety of shapes. At the moment a part of the blend that I'm using is peppermint and even though I'm sitting a fair distance away from the diffuser, I am inhaling the essential oils as if I was over a bowl of steaming hot water with the oil and a towel over my head (as you do with when you have a cold).

Using essential oils is one of the most natural form of alternative medicine available and essential oil diffusers are the best way to make sure that the oils are getting into your system. So this might be a good time to introduce you to one of my other blogs and make a confession; I'm a hippie at heart who is passionate about nature and natural healing so check out The Jasmine in the Forest she's one of my other babies.

Organic Aromas

Inhaling essential oils can help alleviate symptoms of all sorts of illnesses and although it doesn't ease my pain or fatigue from Crohn's Disease, it certainly helps me relax more when I inhale essential oils.

The Organic Aromas diffuser is made of wood and glass with an LED light that changes colours. The three photos that I have put on the blog show three of the colours, there are also a purple and red.

Having a clean, fresh, ambient home is essential to me and to my wellbeing. These diffusers are not the cheapest on the planet, however the way they are manufactured and work is worth paying a little extra for whether it be for yourself or a gift for someone you love.

Pure certified organic essential oils extracted from a variety of different flowers, leaves, tree and plant resins. These oils are 100% pure and tested by a third party lab in Montreal, Canada.

My only negative feedback is that the diffuser does omit a small sound for a few minutes when it is actually diffusing and then it turns off for a while as the vaporising is timed.

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