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The Best Baby Gifts If You're Expecting Twins

Gifts for twins

Anticipating the arrival of a new baby is always a thrill, but when it's two newborns on the way, the excitement is doubled! It's a time filled with anticipation and a touch of nerves for the parents. So, what kind of baby gifts are perfect for twins? 

Keep reading, because we've got a wealth of ideas to share with you.

Start With The Baby Shower

Building a hamper that incorporates gifts for Mum and the twins is an excellent start at a baby shower. Why not pitch in with other guests to create a hamper with everything a new mum could wish for?

twins in stroller

Let's Talk Practical Baby Gifts For Twin First

Double Stroller:

  • A sturdy, easy-to-manoeuvre double stroller is essential for parents with twins.

  • A bassinet or crib explicitly designed for twins can save space and make nighttime feedings easier.

  • Adorable matching outfits are a fun and practical gift for twins.

  • Twins quickly go through nappies and wipes, so a bulk supply is always appreciated.

  • A baby carrier designed for twins allows parents to carry both babies comfortably.

Twins in High Chairs

Feeding and Nursing Twins Is a Challenge, So How About These Ideas

  • A specially designed pillow to help with breastfeeding both babies simultaneously.

  • Two matching high chairs for when the twins are ready for solid food.

  • Extra bottles, a bottle steriliser, and a bottle warmer to make feeding time easier.

Helping the Twins Sleep Blissfully

  • Soft, breathable swaddle blankets to help both babies sleep soundly.

  • A sound machine with soothing sounds to help the twins sleep better.

  • Wearable blankets that keep babies warm and safe during sleep.

Health and Safety

  • A baby monitor that comes with two cameras to keep an eye on both babies.

  • A comprehensive baby healthcare kit with thermometers, nail clippers, and more.

Toys and Development

  • A large play mat with plenty of space and toys for both babies to enjoy.

  • Books about twins or books designed to be shared between two babies.

  • Two activity centres to keep both babies entertained and engaged.

Keepsakes and Sentimental

  • Customised with each baby's name for a personal touch.

  • Unique memory books designed to document the milestones of both babies.

  • Family photography shoot

Gifts for the Parents

Before the twins make their grand entrance, why not treat the parents to a relaxing night out at one of their favourite restaurants? Many restaurants now offer online gift vouchers, making it a thoughtful and easy gift to purchase.

Let's Finish With Three fun Facts About Twins:

  1. Twins Can Have Different Birthdays: While it's common for twins to be born on the same day, they can have different birthdays. For example, if one twin is born just before midnight and the other just after, their birth dates can fall on consecutive days.

  2. Identical Twins Have Different Fingerprints: Despite having the same DNA, identical twins have different fingerprints because fingerprints are influenced by genetics and unique environmental factors in the womb, leading to distinct ridge patterns on each twin's fingers.

  3. Twins Can Be Born Years Apart: Through delayed interval delivery, twins can be born days, weeks, or even years apart. This rare occurrence typically happens in cases of premature labour, where one twin is born early, and medical intervention allows the second twin to remain in the womb longer to continue developing.


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