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5 Tips for Eating Healthy When Travelling

Eating healthy when travelling

It is just as important to look after your emotional health as it is to care for your physical health. One of the best ways to boost your confidence, experience new things and enjoy yourself is through travel. However, the potential change in time zone, the change in routine, and the change in available food options can have a negative impact on your eating habits.

This is why so many people struggle to keep up with healthy eating when they are traveling. It can be really difficult, and it almost feels as though you have to choose one or the other; healthy body or healthy mind. Luckily, this does not need to be the case. There are ways in which you can minimise the impact travel has on your eating habits. Here are 5 tips for looking after your body and mind while travelling.

eating healthy when travelling


The first way in which you can ensure you are eating well throughout your travels is by simply bringing food with you. Just because you are in a different place, it does not necessarily mean you have to eat different food. The place you are visiting and your method of getting there will have an impact on how much food you can actually take with you; obviously this is more difficult if you are going overseas.

However, if you are unable to bring the ingredients with you, you can still bring along some great ideas for healthy meals. Taking recipes with you on your holiday will encourage you to cook, as well as prevent you from eating unhealthy meals every night. Often, people forget to bring recipes with them and don’t cook for themselves because of this; by bringing a list of meals you love to eat, you’ll have no excuse not to make them!

Healthy eating when travelling


Bringing food or recipes for your trip is only helpful if you have somewhere to cook the meals you have planned. This is why proper preparation is so important. Before booking the first hotel you find in your price range, first consider other options. There are plenty of holiday homes and apartments that are available to rent all over the world. The best thing about these options is that they will have a functional kitchen.

When staying in a hotel, it is basically impossible to cook because there usually is nowhere to cook. This leaves you with little choice but to go out to eat for every meal. Instead of falling into this trap, be organised and find accommodation that has cooking amenities. Although apartments and houses are often slightly more expensive, the fact that you will be able to cook for yourself will actually save you money. Both your body and your bank account will thank you for booking somewhere with a kitchen!

healthy eating when travelling


When traveling, many people tend to drink too much alcohol and too little water. Try to avoid this, as your body won’t thank you for it. Regardless of what climate you are visiting, hot or cold, you need to make sure you are adequately hydrated. It’s important to remember that your body needs sufficient water to function and you will start to feel unwell if you don’t give your body what it needs.

Interestingly, drinking plenty of water can actually help reduce the effects of jet lag and fatigue. Essentially, drinking the correct amount of water will prevent you from feeling unwell and tired, and will allow you to fully enjoy your holiday. Furthermore, studies have indicated that sometimes a feeling of hunger is actually a result of being thirsty. So, before you start looking for an unhealthy snack, try having a drink of water first.

Eating healthy when travelling


Skipping meals is an easy habit to fall into, and a really difficult one to get out of. This is why it is so important to avoid missing mealtimes. As soon as you miss a meal, you will find yourself feeling hungry, and you will care less about what is healthy and more about eating something that offers a quick energy release.

A great way of ensuring you don’t miss any meals is by being organised and bringing your own food with you. If you are expecting to be out all day, stop off at the local supermarket before leaving and stock up on lunch supplies and healthy snacks. A great alternative to fruit that is easy to carry around is a healthy fruit smoothie. This means that if you are unable to find something, you won’t go hungry. Packing fruit will also prevent you from craving sweet sugary snacks.

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One of the main issues people have when travelling is finding somewhere to eat. This is of particular concern if you have any specific dietary requirements. Oftentimes, chain restaurants have prime position in towns and cities, simply because they can afford to pay for it. As a result of this, it can sometimes feel like they are your only option, but this could not be further from the truth.

Many independent restaurants and cafes are tucked away down side streets, which make them quite hard to find. Therefore, unless you know where you’re going, it can be very tempting to eat at the unhealthy yet easily available option. This is why next time you visit a new city, you should research places to eat before you arrive.

Knowing where you are going to eat before you arrive takes away a lot of the stress when it gets to meal time. It will also make eating a feature in the day, and another activity you can enjoy. When it comes to eating healthy while travelling, research and preparation are essential.

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