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5 Easy Night-time Weight-Loss Hacks

by Sean Syddall @seansydallpt

Check out Sean's easy tips to help you lose weight. Many people believe that habits are formed within 21 days so if you stick to Sean's advice you will be on your way to a healthier and fitter you.

Sean Syddall Bondi

1. Have a small, dense protein and fat meal before bed.

If you are lifting weights (which you all should be), having a little dose of protein before bed will help provide nutrients to help you recover faster between workouts. While this won’t lead you to losing weight tomorrow, the more lean muscle mass you have the better your body composition will be.

I recommend having a small portion of cottage cheese, berries, honey and some nuts as a little healthy version of a cheesecake.

5 tips to help you lose weight

2. Prepare breakfast

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Having a plan and everything ready to go for breakfast the next day reduces your chances of getting stuck without food with only bad options around! It’ll also save you money.

3. Pack your lunch and snacks for the next day

If you’ve meal prepped or use a company like @bondimealprep this should be a breeze. Otherwise make bigger batches for dinner and have them Tupperweared up and ready o take with you the next day.

Fruit and veggies are always more appealing and taste better when they have been rinsed, cut and prepared into bite size pieces.

Hydration for weight loss

4. Hydration

Don't make the mistake of trying to catch up on your water intake goal right before bed (you’ll be up peeing all night) - but keep a bottle/ glass of water next you your bed and have some cold water in the fridge to have with breakfast.

Being hydrated helps your body optimise many functions including fat oxidisation

5. Create a sleep schedule - and stick to it!

Recent studies have shown that missing out on sleep will impair your ability to burn fat but lead to more muscle loss when in a calorie deficit.

If you want to look and feel your best, you should aim for the same bed and waking time every day.

This will help your body set its circadian rhythm and optimise your fat loss goals


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