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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Acupuncture Treatments

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Acupuncture Treatments

We've all seen what acupuncture is and have heard about the wonders it does to the body, relieving it of pain and tension. Needles pushed into our skin doesn't sound like a pleasant experience, but this ancient method has stood the test of time - and for a good reason too. Just follow these tips, and we promise you'll be able to get the whole experience.

Be honest in the forms

Before they start poking around your body, you might have to fill out some paperwork so that the acupuncturist knows how to handle you. Ensure that you are sincere; there is no sense in hiding any information as you are there to be healed. Be open with the acupuncturist about what problems you're having, so you can fully reap the benefits of the treatment.

Relax, just relax

Relaxing might seem like advice, but it can be challenging for some people, incredibly when nervous about needles. But you must stay relaxed, not just for your mental state but also for your muscles. Everything needs to be loose so the needles can enter easily and do their job. If they are tense, everything will be more complex and last longer, so take a few deep breaths before your session starts.

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Acupuncture Treatments
The right clothes

The acupuncturist will be having to move parts of your clothing around to get to your skin. So it would make sense to wear some loose-fitting and light clothes to make their job easier. You don't want to bulk up or be wearing extra layers that day because you'll constantly have to move around and adjust yourself.

A proper diet before

It is best to avoid greasy and heavy food before the session. Also recommended is to avoid caffeine before your treatment. This is because sometimes it can cause a reaction in your stomach and make the entire treatment very uncomfortable. Ensure that you have a healthy diet at least a day before going and are not feeling bloated.

Do not brush your tongue

This one sounds weird, but it's an old trick that goes with the acupuncturist method. Sometimes the acupuncturist will ask to see the colour of your tongue, which helps figure out the problem in your body. If you clean or brush your tongue the day before, the colour may be changed, and they won't be able to read it correctly.

Needles are never something that we enjoy seeing; they can be scary at first and make us remember childhood memories at the doctor's office. But take a few breaths and remember that this isn't the same thing, it's a healing process, and you're in the arms of a professional. Trust the ancient method and let your body relax, we promise that it won't hurt, and if you follow these steps correctly, you will be feeling brand new after.


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