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5 Ways to Stay Cosy This Winter

Some people hate winter because it’s cold and you have to stay indoors; others love it for the exact same reasons. Wherever you fall on the winter weather continuum, it’s a good idea to make the most of it with some hygge items like a colourful knitted weighted blanket. At time of writing, winter here in Australia might seem a bit far off, however star preparing now to make it your cosiest yet.

Switch on the Hygge

Hygge is a Danish term that means “a feeling of cosiness” or something like this. In truth, there is not an exact translation for hygge which is why it’s such a good term. Anything that brings you a sense of joy and warmth can be considered hygge, so notice the things that inspire you.


Hygge is created using scented candles, colourful knitted weighted blankets, wood-burning stoves, books, friends, and more. Some of these items will be covered in more depth later in the article. For now, it’s best to imagine what gives you a tremendous sense of hygge and investment.

Find Your Comfort Food

As they say, we are what we eat, but what does this mean? Well, if you eat many fatty foods and fried foods, you might find your skin becomes more oily (not in a good way), and your moods can be affected. Conversely, eating vegetables is suitable for your complexion.

In the winter months, the air becomes colder, making your body react and store more calories. This isn’t great if you’re into weight loss because it means you have to cut down on your sugars at a time of year when sugar is everywhere. So find some healthy winter alternatives instead.

Colourful Knitted Weighted Blanket

Going back to hygge for a second, what better way to increase your cosiness levels than with a colourful knitted weighted blanket to wrap around you and a family member while you watch your favourite shows on the laptop? Don’t be without one of these knitted blankets ever again.

knitted weighted blanket

This colourful knitted weighted blanket from Koala Comforts are soft, warm, and stylish; they are suitable for any family member. They can be used in the evening to create a sense of hygge while you wind down, or in the morning to take the chill off you while the heating comes on.

A Warm Wood Burner

Everybody loves a warm crackle of a wood-burning stove, and it’s even more enticing in the winter months when it’s cold or freezing outside. Unfortunately, not everyone has the capacity in their home to accommodate a wood-burning stove; you might not have a chimney, for instance.

If this is a problem in your home, some modern solutions allow you to have that open flame feeling in your living space without generating any smoke or requiring a chimney flue. Look into ethanol fires that burn alcohol and can be used safely indoors for a cosy feeling.

Make Space for Wools

There’s never a wrong time downgrading your wardrobe and getting things organised. Creating a capsule wardrobe helps you pare down your life and benefits the charity shops. Replace them with woollen winter clothing once you have given away the things you don’t wear.


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