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6 Things To Do & See As A Solo Traveller In Sydney, Australia

aerial view of sydney

Sydney is a fantastic place for solo travellers to explore. It's fast-paced but with a laid-back vibe, ensuring that visitors feel welcome and can easily make connections with the locals.

Australia's largest city offers an abundance of activities, from spending the day at iconic Bondi Beach to visiting some of the country's most impressive attractions such as Taronga Zoo or exploring bustling neighbourhoods like Newtown and Surry Hills.

Shopping opportunities abound as well, ranging from high-end boutiques in the city centre to colourful markets located across the harbour in suburbs such as Balmain. Sydney has something to offer solo travellers of all types, making it a great choice when planning a trip alone. Here are six tips to make the most of your trip to Sydney as a solo traveller:

Find the Perfect Accommodation

Travelling alone can be daunting but it doesn't have to be. This iconic Australian city is renowned for its inclusivity, catering to people from all walks of life. It offers a variety of quality accommodation options, ranging from student housing and low-cost dwellings to luxurious 5-star hotels like the Hyatt Regency Sydney.

Each type of housing option is tailored to meet the needs of different communities and socioeconomic backgrounds, making Sydney an ideal city for those who wish to explore the diversity and culture it has to offer. No matter your budget or preferences, Sydney provides an array of accommodating solutions that will enable anyone to comfortably call the city their home.

sydney opera. house

Visit the Iconic Sydney Opera House

Now you’ve decided where to stay in Sydney, visiting the world-renowned Sydney Opera House is a must-do experience for all travellers looking to explore the best of Sydney. As a solo traveller, it'll give you a unique insight into the many facets of this wonderful city. From the harbour front location and distinctive architectural design, to the beauty of a stunning evening performance or an entertaining tour, you'll be in awe of everything that this special place has to offer.

With its impressive collection of performances and events taking place throughout the year, there's something for everyone. As a solo traveller, you'll benefit from going at your own pace and making your own discoveries as you explore this beautiful building. A trip to the iconic Sydney Opera House will give you plenty of cultural experiences and lovely memories that you'll cherish long after your travels are over.

anzac war memorial hyde park

Take a Moment to Pause at Hyde Park

One of the oldest parks in Australia and located near the Sydney CBD, Hyde Park gives you an opportunity to experience the city in a calmer atmosphere. Here, you can take some time out of your busy schedule to relax and appreciate nature. This iconic park provides beautiful sights to photograph or even better - savour with your own eyes.

You will be surrounded by walking trails, trees and other wildlife that you wouldn't get to see as much if you stayed in the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Additionally, Hyde Park serves as an important reminder to take some moments for yourself in solitude for personal reflection or simply just to unwind and experience peacefulness.

Bondi Board Walk

Enjoy a Beachside Stroll From Bondi to Coogee

A beachside stroll from Bondi to Coogee is one of the most popular and iconic experiences for solo travellers in Sydney. This 8km walk along the spectacularly scenic coastal path has something to offer everyone - from mesmerising ocean views and gorgeous white sandy beaches, to picturesque rock pools and delightful cafes.

Not only will travellers marvel at some of the finest scenery in Australia, they can also stop to enjoy swimming, snorkelling or kayaking in the refreshingly clear waters. The best time to take this trip is either early morning or late afternoon so as to avoid the peak hours of visitors in warmer months, allowing you to take time exploring nooks and crannies free from crowds.

This journey provides a unique opportunity for nature lovers and photographers but above all it's an excellent way to kick start your adventure into Sydney's vibrant culture - even while travelling on your own.

paddy's market

Sample Local Delicacies at Paddy's Market

This bustling market affords you access to fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce from local farms. Plus, there are plenty of cooked delights like sandwiches, pastries and desserts that offer a true taste of Sydney's culinary scene.

Even better – you can do it all without spending too much money or having to worry about lines or crowds! So why not take advantage of the delicious diversity that Paddy's Market has to offer and give your taste buds a treat?

sydney food

Duck Into One of Sydney's Bars and Cafes

As a solo traveller, Sydney is perhaps one of the best cities in the world to explore. Darlinghurst, in particular, boasts a fantastic range of bars and cafes that exude warm charm and energy. Duck in and explore these gorgeous spots – you'll feel right at home.

Take your pick from quaint cafés offering delicious brunches or opt for craft beers sourced from all over the country; there's something for everyone. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere as you make friends with locals, who are sure to welcome newcomers with open arms.

So don't hesitate – experience the joys of Darlinghurst's bars and cafes alone and make wonderful memories on your solo journey through Sydney.


Overall, Sydney is an ideal place to visit as a solo traveller. With its plethora of natural beauty and vibrant urban scene, there is something for everyone in the city.

There are plenty of great attractions to explore, whether you prefer outdoor recreation at iconic spots like Bondi Beach or want to experience the metropolitan lifestyle with a tour around the famous harbour.

Additionally, Sydney offers culture enthusiasts unique experiences such as live music venues, opera houses and art galleries. Because of its easily accessible public transport system, visiting all these places is quite simple.

Furthermore, with activities that cater both to budget travellers and luxury seekers alike, travelling solo in Sydney can be both economical and luxurious depending on one’s preferences.

Therefore, visiting the stunning city of Sydney alone is sure to be an unforgettable adventure for any adventurous traveller.


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