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7 Breweries You Should Visit When in Sydney Australia

7 Breweries You Should Visit When in Sydney Australia

In recent years, Sydney has made a name for itself as the new beating heart of the craft beer industry. The Inner West alone is home to at least five of the most well-known and highly revered breweries in NSW. Young Henrys was one of the first establishments to change the game in 2012, but the seemingly niche industry has expanded a lot since then. After all, we know Australians love their beer and it’s even better when it’s straight from the source.

Young Henrys

Starting off with the bar that’s renowned for its Sunday Sessions, cloudy cider and the appropriately named ‘Newtowner’, Young Henrys have no trouble drawing a crowd. With a number of unique brews, a prime location and perfectly timed food truck visits, this is the perfect place to ride out a hangover. If you just want to grab something to go, Young Henrys’ beers are also stocked in a number of liquor stores, including BWS and Liquorland - click here for more information.

The Grifter Brewing Co.

Another big hitter in the Inner West is The Grifter Brewing Co. (located in Marrickville). The tasting bar operates out of what used to be an industrial dry-cleaning warehouse, so the space - with it’s high ceilings and large open floor plan - creates a very casual atmosphere for an afternoon drink. This is a place where you could easily spend a few hours and lose track of time. The Grifter is also a dog - friendly venue, so you’ll always be able to find a dog to pat here.

Sauce Brewing Co.

Sauce Brewing Co. (also located in Marrickville) might be a great place to visit directly after The Grifter if you feel like doing a craft beer crawl. With a number of fruity, tropical flavours flowing through their brews, there’s sure to be a blend to suit any and every palette. They have dine-in food available in both an indoor and outdoor space, and also occasionally host holiday themed events to encourage more people to get on the sauce.

Wildflower Brewing & Blending

The next stop on the brewery tour of Marrickville would be Wildflower Brewing & Blending - located in a cellar on Brompton Street. This location focuses on unique, flavoursome blends and you can even book a Tour & Tasting session if you’re curious about the process of brewing craft beer. One of the great things about this location is their focus on creating and developing subtle flavours, so even if you’re not a regular beer drinker you might enjoy the brews from here.

Modus Operandi

The owners of Modus Operandi (operating out of a brewery in Mona Vale) spent six months travelling around the USA drinking as much beer as they could before opening their own brewery in Australia. Their ingredients are sourced from around the world, with fresh live yeast flown in directly from the US, which sets them apart from other breweries in Sydney. Only a couple of minutes drive away from Mona Vale beach, this would be a great place to relax after a day of lying in the sun.

Batch Brewing Co.

With taproom locations in both Marrickville and Petersham, Batch Brewing is constantly creating and releasing new brews. Their core range is available in a number of bars and restaurants around Sydney, and stocked in most liquor stores, but the revolving door of limited edition beers is what really makes a visit to the brewery special. You can have a taste of beers with names that sound like songs - like ‘Don’t Judge A Beer By Its Colour’ or simply enjoy the classic American Pale Ale, but there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find a flavour you like.

Wayward Brewing Co.

Located in an old winery in Camperdown, Wayward Brewing makes some of the more unusual brews in Sydney. With an assortment of brews that range from an India Pale Ale to a Raspberry Berliner Weisse and even a collection of Wayward merch, the taproom has all the ingredients for an enjoyable afternoon. Like a number of the other breweries in the area, they also have food trucks that regularly visit the location, tours & tastings and occasional events.


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