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7 Ultimate Entertainer Tips to Elevate Any Occasion by The Margarita Mum

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Entertaining season has arrived, and with the last few months of lockdown thankfully behind us, it's time to pull out the calendar and start planning your next get-together with family and friends. Bacardi Martini Australia, a family-owned spirit company, has teamed up with iconic content creator and stylist, Rhonda Withers, The Margarita Mum, to provide you with insight on the must-have tips and cocktail recipes for the upcoming festive season.

Whether you're having a girls' night in or entertaining the extended family, make sure you're prepared with these swoon-worthy tablescapes and the latest trending, luxe cocktails to tantalise your guests' taste buds with vivid inspiration and tips.

There is something for every type of moment and entertainer this summer, from adding French flair and sophistication with GREY GOOSE, to crafting creative centrepieces with Bombay Sapphire, to bringing the party to any moment with BACARDI summer cocktails, to raising spirits of the seasons with Patrón food pairings.

The Margarita Mum, a Melbourne-based stylist, has shared some of the lessons she's learned while creating visual masterpieces. She has a cult-like following of people looking for cocktail inspiration and entertaining tricks, and she has created some amazing recipes, tips, and imagery to help you this holiday season.

7 Ultimate Entertainer Tips to Elevate Any Occasion by The Margarita Mum

Always invest in quality cocktail ingredients from trusted sources! From there it’s all about...

  1. Glassware, always glassware. I love presenting trays of mis-matching glassware so that guests can choose their favourite glass to sip from Platters – I love platters, it is worth investing in platters of various sizes so that you can cater adequately for the guests (I am an over feeder!)

  2. Edible Garnishes, nothing finishes a platter off more beautifully than edible flowers, thyme, rosemary to dehydrated fruit

  3. Ice – good quality Ice. And lots of it. I always have an ice bucket with ice tongs filled and ready

  4. Bar Trolley, I like to prepare a bar trolley especially for each event. It will showcase the alcohol that will be used to create the delicious cocktails

  5. Pre-Prepare Drinks, there are many cocktails that can be pre-batched and can be chilled and ready to poured when the guests arrive

  6. Alcohol Free Options: it’s essential to ensure that you are serving alcohol responsibility and that you keep your guests well hydrated. It is also fabulous courtesy to provide options for those that choose not to drink alcohol and the designated driver. A beautiful tray with water infused with fresh fruit and presented with exquisite glassware always

  7. looks fabulous.

For more information visit: @bombaysapphire | @patron | @greygoose | @bacardiau


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