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11th - 14th April, Pitt Street Mall

The Future Career Lab by IKEA

IKEA Australia have been working on around what Australians think about the future of work.

This centres on a piece of research commissioned by IKEA that aims to understand how Australians feel about their current careers, and also how their current workplace is setting them up for a career in the future. A key research finding revealed that more than half (70%) of Australians do not have a clear view of what the future of work will look like or how it will change.

As a result, IKEA are inviting Australians to take part in this research and have their voices heard about what they aspire their future career to be. IKEA Australia will launch a hub for Australians to come together as collaborators, giving the nation a voice in co-creating the future of work.

The Future Career Lab – located in Pitt Street Mall from 11-14 April – will act as an incubator of ideas from everyday Australians on their views about what the future of work could hold. By taking a unique and collaborative approach, IKEA will play a role in removing uncertainty, while actively putting people first to create a future workplace that reflects the aspirations of what Australians are looking for.  

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