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A 2022 Sydney Spring Style Guide

A 2022 Sydney Spring Style Guide

The spring season in Sydney is something many of us look forward to.

Emerging from the cocoons of our homes, the increasingly warmer weather gives us the opportunity to put away our winter clothes for several months, and reacquaint ourselves with our spring favourites!

However, over the last couple of years, lockdown and the general pandemic, rather dampened our enthusiasm. As we simply couldn’t show off our most beloved pieces in public.

This year is different however!

Lockdown appears to be a thing of the past, and we can go out and about as much as we want. Which means it's time to assess our spring wardrobe.

Sure, you’ve got your favourites you’ll undoubtedly want to wear. But if you are unclear about what the current trends are, here’s our take on a 2022 Sydney spring style guide.

Tank tops

After being in hibernation for much of the winter you probably wouldn’t have worn your tank tops all that often in Sydney. So, it’s understandable you’ll want to break them out for spring.

You can’t go wrong with a classic tank and it’s still very much on trend this year. They are easy to wear and easy to style throughout the season.

During the colder days of spring, they can be layered, while on those warmer days they are very practical.

low back dress

Open backs

Like tank tops, you are probably itching to put your open backs on again after their winter hiatus.

Not only are they perfect for when the weather starts to heat up, they can really give your outfit a bit of extra pizazz as well.

Low-cut draping styles, and those open backs which have intricate tie-ups, will make for a very chic look this season.

Boyfriend shirts

A button-up white shirt is something every girl should have in their spring wardrobe.

This year, why not spruce things up by adopting a more boisterous boyfriend shirt?

We’re talking big bright colours, stripes or patterns, all of which will get you lots of compliments.

Just be sure to find a large fit, which you can pair with a skirt, pants or even be styled as a hot looking dress.

knee length skirt

Longer hemlines

Micro-minis were quite in vogue last spring, but this season it appears that longer hemlines might be the go.

Fashion designers, supermodels and social media influencers have been all over American Instagram and Tik Tok rocking midaxi, knee length ensembles.

It’s been a rousing trend that looks set to hit Sydney this year too.

Wow your office colleagues with a skirt, button down, and classy blazer for a knockout business-chic look.

Alternatively, enjoy brunch in Newtown or Darlinghurst with a more casual mix of skirt and tank top, which you can match with sneakers, and a sporty pair of sunnies.

Double Denim

Double Denim seems to be very popular this season, thanks to the likes of Calvin Klein, Levis and Rollas, who all put out several creative campaigns promoting this look.

As well as being effortless to put together, this style provides plenty of versatility for Sydneysiders.

The classic jeans and denim jacket combo is perfect for the early weeks of spring, when the weather can still be a bit nippy.

While a low key jumpsuit, or a pairing of jean shorts, loafers and oversized jacket can create a very chic look, as the weather starts to really heat up, towards the end of the season.

wide leg pants

Statement pants

While the good old jeans and pretty top combo is always a sure-fire bet, this year's statement pants are sure to, well, make a statement!

This spring should see an explosion of wide leg pants, lairy prints and flared trousers being worn around the city.

So why not jump in early and kickstart the movement!

Graphic tees

Every girl should have a couple of graphic tees in their spring wardrobe to give them the ultimate in flexibility.

Whether its denim shorts, bike shorts, skirt, jeans or sweatpants you choose to pair it with, you’ll be able to create a very cool outfit in no time.

This spring season, you can look forward to many different colours of graphic tees hitting the stores. So, you will be able to take this look to another level.

Puffy sleeves

You’ll have probably noticed on your socials that puffy sleeves are getting quite a bit of exposure right now.

Elegant, feminine and downright sexy, you should definitely incorporate this style in your spring wardrobe this year.

Expect to see plenty of blouses, crop tops, dresses and even cardigans sporting puffy sleeves, in everything from comfortable flowy designs, to more understated structured fits.

jean skirt

2000s fashion

Back in the early 2000s, Y2K and technology had a major impact on fashion. To the point where younger women looked fabulous in jean skirts, low-rise flared jeans, crop tops, daisy dukes, off the shoulder tops, cargo pants and ribbed sweaters.

In 2022 this trend is set to come back on a wave of nostalgia that is sure to engulf the Sydney fashion scene. Which gives you an excellent opportunity to rewatch shows like One Tree Hill, Weeds, The Simple Life and The O.C. to gain some inspiration of what to wear.

Coloured sneakers

While it's always good to break out the sandals, when the spring season hits Sydney this year, don’t be surprised to see sneakers taken centre stage.

Brands like Adidas, Converse, Nike and Superga are set to enjoy continued success with new launches.

Which will include a range of highly sought-after, unique and limited-edition pairs. All of which will enhance the look of any style you choose to adopt.

Sunglasses and eyeglasses

Sunglasses and eyeglasses are always a must in Sydney once spring comes around.

Which pair you rock depends on your style but sunnies should be a part of any outfit you wear.

Rectangular glasses might be your go-to, but consider getting a pair with an oversized square style.

As well as having a timeless shape with a contemporary feel, you’ll be pleased to know that square sunglasses go with pretty much anything you put on.

sunglasses on woman

Baseball caps

Headwear seems to have taken a backward step in recent times, other than of course at formal events like race days.

However, baseball caps seem to be making a play as a leading trend this summer, thanks in part to the ‘effortless chic movement’.

Whether you go for a classic, wide-brim, or sporty and stylish number is up to you, but most casual spring looks will seem incomplete without a baseball cap this season.


Think the warmer weather of spring means you no longer get to loaf around in loungewear at home?

Well think again!

This season several retailers are showcasing warmer weather versions of winter loungewear, which you can slip on for those lazy days at home.

Put away those sweatpants and hoodies and replace them with a stylish graphic tee and shorts, that are smooth, soft and breathable.

Just because you are at home, and no one can see you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay on trend.

Final Thoughts

Spring is an exciting time of the year, as we farewell those winter layers and can start experimenting with our fashion choices.

Whether you adopt a new cut or look. Or embrace funky prints and eye-catching colours. Always try to remember that spring should be about having fun with what you choose to wear.

If there is anything you are not sure about, please check out some of our other styling tips for spring.


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