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A New Day, A Children's Book to Foster Good Mental Health

A New Day Children's Book

Authored by international political writer and historian Alex Ryvchin, the Sydney- based father of three wrote A New Day to foster good mental health and well-being in our children through these challenging times and to impart a timeless message about finding the positive even through the darkest of days.

“If we are resolute and focused on the well-being of our children; if we can hold firm in the belief that this crisis, like all before it, will eventually pass; something quite remarkable begins to happen,” Alex explains. “We begin to see that this brief stanza in human history will indeed leave us permanently changed, but in some ways, it could change us for the better.

Suddenly deprived of so much, A New Day helps us realise what is trivial and what really counts. A walk in the park, exercise, social contact, family, health. We are reminded to be grateful and not to take anything for granted.”

This book was written not only to help children through difficult times but to hold onto the good that has come from a miserable situation. It aims to foster resilience and a sense of hope and optimism in our children and in ourselves. And it seeks to remind us all, not just during this crisis, what is important in life.

Dedicated to Alex’s three daughters; Lilah, Elly and Maya, the story follows the journey of a family of five (plus their dog Hamilton), who, like most children around the world have seen their lives turned upside down. No more playdates, no more school, no more holidays to enjoy. But as we settle into the ‘new normal’ the family realise there’s way more good to come out of this. A cuddle, an adventure in the garden, games to play, and the comfort in knowing that our doctors and nurses are keeping us safe.

The 37-page book illustrated by Byron Bay illustrator Anna Mardakhaeva has been translated into Spanish and Italian and is sold globally.

It includes a diary section for children (or parents) to record their feelings through this time, how they’ve spent their days, where they’d like to travel and a note to their future selves, to provide not only comfort and enjoyment for families but a valuable historical record from an extraordinary time in human history.

In Australia it is sold through Book Depository RRP $24. Kindle version coming soon.

10% of profits from each sale (across all sites) will be donated to the Smith Family to help vulnerable children and families affected by the crisis.


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