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Affiliate Disclosure. A few links on this website are affiliate links. This means a small commission is paid to Sydney Chic, however this does not incur any extra costs to the purchasers, and in some cases, may even offer discounts. This helps fund this website as we do not have any pop-up advertising or annoying lightboxes.

Alternative Businesses to Buy Your Groceries

Have you ever wished you could buy your groceries from more local and unique businesses? Well, now you can because I've gone on the hunt to find out where they are. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of masking up and checking in every time I visit the supermarket, so I've decided home delivery is the go for me.

Urban Brew Coffee Pods

I Need Coffee!

I love my Nespresso machine; I rarely buy coffee out anymore. I prefer to sip my latte on my patio, watching the world go by! I discovered Urban Brew and signed up for monthly delivery. The coffee is excellent and comes in different intensities. This company also uses biodegradable packaging; the pods are recyclable, and the company is Fairtrade certified and the coffee sourced from Fairtrade producers.

The coffee is roasted and packed in Australia from imported coffee beans. And more good news; Urban Brew coffee pods/capsules are half the price of Nespresso®* and many other coffee pods/capsule brands.

Bring Back the Memories
Merchant's Pantry South Australia

Merchant's Pantry arose from a desire to share delicious food with everyone.

Quality has sometimes fallen by the wayside in today's fast-paced world, where everything must be done quickly. Merchant's Pantry is bringing back the good. Excellent ingredients. Excellent quality and fond memories!

Online gourmet food suppliers

Remember the delicious Taralli you had in Naples?

That incredible Spritz you had in Venice? These are the kinds of foods you will find here to bring back those wonderful memories.

I couldn't resist buying: Centro Tartufi Molise Black Truffle in Marino Salt, AFC Tomato and Vodka Heat and Serve Sauce and dried Woodlane Orchard Blood Orange.

Each ingredient transports us to places where we have had the most fun. You will find pantry staples on this website like dried blood oranges, gluten-free products, pasta sauces, oils, and liquor (Liquor License: 57709891)! Merchant's Pantry also has a range of beautiful gift boxes.

ReCo Sydney

The Cleaning is Sorted! And It Is Eco-Friendly

I love this concept; Danling and Anett, co-founders of ReCo are a couple living and working in Rosebery, NSW and residents of Sydney for almost two decades. Both are all for community and sustainability. ReCo is a local cleaning refill delivery service in Sydney to help cut down plastic waste and carbon footprint. They provide refills for eco-friendly, NSW-made cleaning products in their hyperlocal, zero-waste delivery area. Think Lemon Myrtle washing and dishwashing powder!

Sustainable Cleaning Products Sydney

The duo states 'that world leaders may not be as progressive as many of us want them to be. But together, we can make positive changes that are uniquely Australian, and create a powerful new path forward for the world.'

These changes are happening, and ReCo is one. Over the years, Danling and Anett have worked with some of the best designers and thinkers in Sydney to study, understand and experiment options to tackle some of the most significant environmental problems we're facing.

ReCo is a hyperlocal business so they only deliver in a small area of Sydney.


Farm2Market is working to disrupt the FMCG industry's big players, empower small businesses, local farmers and vendors, and provide a new sales and communications channel that allows consumers to access quality alternatives while supporting their local community and staying green.

alternative online grocers

Obtain Access to Freshness

You deserve to have access to fresh seasonal produce, and that's what you'll get when you order locally.

Production Transparency

Farm2Market lets you get to know the vendors to understand better where your food originates, how it is produced and what is in it.

Providing Market Access

Small vendors should sell their products to people who want them rather than being forced out of the food industry.

There's a lot on offer with this online food market, a wide range of artisan groceries, fruit boxes, meat and more.

Everything Eco

One of my favourite online stores is Biome Eco Store that sells a vast range of eco-friendly products.

The vision of Biome is to preserve a safe, healthy environment on this wondrous planet for us and future generations.

Since 2003, the company has obsessed with solving environmental problems and scrutinising products for greenwashing, hidden toxins, and questionable ingredients.

There's so much to learn from visiting this online store and a huge range of products for everyday living. The blog is certainly worth following.

Fresh Boxed Home Delivery

Fresh Boxed

Fresh Boxed was a no-brainer from the start...

With decades of experience in the fresh produce industry, serving customers directly made perfect sense.

Sourced from farms, makers, butcher, and seafood market delivered to your door. Fresh Boxed fresh produce is sourced from local farms in the Sydney basin and the Central Coast, as well as from Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria. All produce is sourced from their family of growers.

Your Oakleaf lettuce will almost certainly come from Joe in Kenthurst, your Sweet Potatoes from Bundy in Queensland, your Kale from Tony in Kemps Creek, and your herbs from the NSW Central Coast.

Fresh Boxed Sydney

Your sourdough bread is baked to order and handcrafted in Sydney, using only natural ingredients and no commercial yeast or preservatives.

Fresh Boxed sell the most exquisite Australian seafood, all of which is sustainably farmed or responsibly wild caught. Fresh Boxed's seafood is carefully selected by an expert fishmonger early each day, and their butcher cuts your meats to order. Every order is prepared and packed to order on the day it is delivered to you.

The company are constantly expanding its Pantry and Deli sections with delicious foods so be sure to take a look.


To finish, no matter where you live there's always a way to live more sustainably and bring back some good old grass roots. I know I try to, and I wrote about it in this post: Apartment Living, Turning Your Space Green I would also like to say that the lockdowns, have made me far more aware of living a more simple life. Now all I have to do is sort out all those glamorous clothes I have in my wardrobe that I never wear and donate to charity.


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