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Atticus Chimps Release New Single - Alien Jewelry

I chatted with Sam Bray and Daniel Briffa, the due that form the band Atticus Chimps.

Atticus Chimps

About Atticus Chimps

Atticus Chimps are an up-and-coming rock and roll powerhouse that hails from the western hinterlands of the Gold Coast, one of Australia's most fun and diverse towns. Sam and Dan are bursting at the seams with passion and intensity, pushing the limits of what is possible for a two-piece band. They play hard rock choruses that express estrangement from society, self-actualization, discontent with authority, and heartache. They frequently hold crowds spellbound with their music because to their booming guitars, raspy voices, and enthusiastic attitude. Atticus Chimps are a nuclear bomb that is going off, and the fallout will be felt for years.

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alien jewelery atticus chimps

About Alien Jewlery

Alien Jewelry is the apex of Atticus Chimps sound. It features a heavy, straight introduction that makes you feel like you're flying down a desert highway or traversing the galaxy at the speed of light. Once the verse hits, the rhythm changes to swung and dives into a filthy blues rock riff that was inspired by the great Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood.The song is about love, the cosmos and the existential questions about life on this planet and our purpose. Alien Jewelry is a metaphor for stars in the night sky. What is out there among the Alien Jewelry?

Atticus Chimps


Lay with me, I really want to see,

If the stars'll turn to dirt tonight,

Beneath the cosmic sea,

Gazin' up at the alien jewelry,

Toys in the hands of gods,

Perched on a planet flying kites,

Playground for us to trod,

Gazin' up at the alien jewelry,

Ohh, ohh x4

Gravity flip, fall on a filthy lick,

A future isn't always burnin’ bright,

A place where time don't tick,

Gazin’ up at the alien jewelry,

Slingshot through the sky,

Set sail fort he stars tonight,

Voyage for you and I,

Gazin' up at the alien jewelry,

Ohh, ohh x4


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