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Beach Home: Designing Your Sydneyside Home

Beach Home: Designing Your Sydneyside Home

One of the greatest things about a beach house is that it eliminates the need to look up ‘calming beach sounds’ on YouTube to relax because you hear the tranquil sounds of lapping waves right from your front yard.

While amazingly soothing, wave sounds are not enough to make your beach home in Sydney perfect. That’s where home design comes in, which plays a significant part in making your beach home perfect for you.

Read on for some considerations you should make while designing your Sydneyside beach home.

Step 1: Designing The Structure Of Your Sydneyside Beach Home

You may have found the home of your dreams ready-made. Or you may have scoured the market and want something a little different. In that case, you can consult with an architect to help you design the structure and layout for your beach home.

Some considerations to keep in mind while planning the structure include:

The Style

Beach homes in Sydney are built in a variety of different styles including elegant Hamptons-style, sleek modern, chic beach cottage, American beach house, and Bahamas.

Each style carries a different vibe and your preferred design must be determined before your architect draws up a blueprint.

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Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan design entails large rooms and few walls, which allows for better distribution of light and air flow. You should ensure that your Sydneyside home has an open floor plan so that it looks like a true coastal home.

The Size Of The Bedrooms And Bathrooms

Beach homes usually have larger bedrooms and bathrooms than other homes. While designing the structure, it is important to consult with the architect on how best to maximise the bed and bath size to give your home a comfortable, luxurious feel.

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The Number, Size, And Location Of The Windows

Beach homes normally allow a lot of light and air, and windows are central in helping them do so. Depending on what you want your home to look like and how much light and air you would like to let in and where, you should determine the number, size, and location of the windows with the architect.

The Veranda

Whether you’re just tired from a long day at work, would like a nap with the sounds of crashing waves in the background, or would like to host friends for a game of cards, a veranda is an essential in a beach home.

It would be a good idea to talk to your architect about whether a veranda would match with the overall design and structure of your home.

Step 2: Designing The Interior Of Your Sydneyside Beach Home

So you’ve chosen a lovely Sydneyside beach home or spoken to an architect to come up with the perfect plan for the structure. It’s now time to design the interior to give it a beachy feel.

Some things you can do to design a great interior for your beach home in Sydney are:

Do Some Research Online

You may have a million ideas in your head, but there may be a million more out there. The Internet is an extremely useful resource for design ideas. Check out Pinterest for beach home designs or take inspiration from websites of home design companies in Sydney.

beach house design

Choose A Relaxing Colour Scheme

Coastal homes are calming and reminiscent of sunny summers all year long. The colour scheme of the home plays a significant role in giving it a soothing, vacation-like aura.

Many beach homes often feature a light or pastel colour palette, while others go for more refreshing tropical or sea-inspired colours. There are numerous colour schemes to choose from, and it would be helpful to decide on a colour scheme before you start decorating your home.

Pick The Right Furniture

The furniture in your beach house will depend to a large extent on the colour scheme you have chosen. The upholstery for your furniture will be determined by the overall colour palette of the surroundings, while the material most suitable for beach homes is typically hard-wearing wood.

While picking furniture, you should also think about practicality and storage, especially if you have limited space. You want furniture that keeps your beach home feeling open and less cluttered, so you can choose items such as bar stools instead of a space-consuming dining table and chairs.

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Add Accessories That Bring Everything Together

Accessories such as rugs and lamps can help bring the furniture and colour palette together to give a cohesive, consistent energy to the beach home. You can choose accessories that have a natural, beach-like feel such as a large conch.

Scouring a few of Sydney’s best homewares stores like Living Edge and Koskela will give you an idea of what sort of accessories you would like in your beach home. You can also check out ArchiPro for home interior products.

Hang Up Some Suitable Artwork

Art breathes life into your home and gives it an identity. The art you choose to display in your home tells a story about it and the people who live in it. For your Sydneyside beach home, you can choose photos of Sydney’s famous monuments or bring the beach to your home through a painting of the coastline.

Final Words

Beach homes can be a great investment, but they require some extra work to make them look and feel like a true beach home. We hope that our tips have given you an idea of what is necessary to get started on your dream Sydneyside beach home. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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