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Bring the beach to your home and yoga mat!

Coastal drones

All photos supplied by Blyde Neser and are copyright. Please do not download these photos. To purchase photos please go here.

I recently discovered a photographer that has a skill of capturing the Australian coastline with aerial photography. As you will see from these stunning aerial photos. Blyde Neser is the photographer and her company, Coastal Drones, is based on the North Coast NSW (Coffs Region). Works are available in prints and a range of gorgeous yoga mats.

Blyde adores nature and her photos are proof of this. A great deal of thought goes into displaying the prints correctly, that's why all prints are expertly printed by printers who specialise in fine art printing using a range of materials including aluminium, glass, canvas, acrylic glass or artist paper.

coastal drones north coast

If you are not sure on how a print will fit into your home, Coastal Drones offer a service to help you and will even do a mock-up for you if you send a photo of the space you want to purchase a print for. Or you can order directly from the print store.

To help protect our environment, Blyde gives a percentage of sales towards nature conservation, including WWF and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

These stunning limited prints are not mass produced and each drone print is custom designed to suit Coastal Drones clients personal taste and style.

coastal drones coff's harbour

Originally from South Africa, Blyde and her husband, Marius (a pilot) love to showcase Mother Nature from the skies above, giving a different perspective of our beautiful coastlines and waterways.

Coastal Drones Blyde Neser


For those who love yoga, practising poses on a yoga mat with a gorgeous limited edition photo will help you create a strong connection to the land. Coastal Drones yoga mats are printed on suede for grip with a soft, natural tree rubber base for cushioning. You can see the range here.

Blyde Neser


Are printed with the latest eco-solvent technology and high-end material. Each print is stretched by hand ready to hang with a mirror edge type. The printing process results in a protected canvas which is water, UV and dust resistant.

Coastal Drones Moonee

Are printed using an Epson P20070 with X-Rite i1 Colour Calibration.

Coastal Drones Photography


You can order a rolled print and have it framed to allow you to choose your own frame.


Look amazing, are super easy to install and provide a contemporary feel.


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