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Being Disadvantaged is Not a Hindrance to Finding Employment

atWork Australia

Today, more than ever, employers are recognising that hiring a varied workforce will help balance out working styles and build a flexible and dynamic culture by facilitating multiple means of communication, cooperation, and leadership.

atWork Australia works with job seekers with disabilities and disadvantages and companies to place the appropriate people in suitable employment. As a reputable employment services provider working with thousands of Australians each year, atWork helps people find work as simple and stress-free as possible. No matter what the perceived hindrance might be.

atWork work together to fulfil their client's training, life, and employment goals with a truly personalised approach, putting people's needs first through its Disability Employment Services, government program such as jobactive, or ParentsNext programmes.

If you are a person in need of extra help finding work with businesses needing eager, job-ready workers, then reaching out to atWork could be a step in the right direction. The company focuses on delivering a comprehensive service designed to maximise the talents and abilities of candidates. The end goal is to help place people find meaningful and long-term employment despite their background, ability, disability, etc.

atWork australia

Whether you're ready to start a new job or need to brush up on your abilities to get a better job, a customised plan will be created to meet your needs. Hundreds of job seekers annually with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses find meaningful work that:

  • Reflects candidates interests and ambitions

  • Matches skills and abilities

  • Helps candidates to achieve their goals in life

atWork Australia provides Disability Employment Services (DES), and immediately begin providing the services you require. The team collaborate to achieve your objectives using a unique strategy that prioritises your demands. Think of them as your Employment Coach, advocate, and partner in searching for the ideal job.

Assistance Offered:

  • Direction

  • Determine your employment objectives.

  • Getting a Job

  • Recognise the local labour market.

  • Training and education

  • Make a dynamic CV

  • Ongoing assistance

  • Interview success

  • Interview preparation

  • Find the ideal job

Expectations for employers

atWork Australia recognises that when it comes to disability, injury, a health condition, or disadvantage, the traits and talents that help people cope with their situations, such as determination, perseverance, resilience, and compassion, are also highly valued in the job.

The company bring together different minds, backgrounds, experiences, genders, and ages to solve more complicated problems by bringing together other thought processes.

Services provided

  • a large talent pool of pre-screened applicants;

  • Government pay subsidies and a no-cost recruitment service

  • Ongoing Post-Placement Assistance

  • Assistance with workforce diversity and inclusion planning

  • Disability Awareness Training, among other things

  • Connect your company with talented people who are disabled, injured, or have a health issues.

  • Help bring the talents and competencies that a diverse workforce can contribute to your business

  • Providing opportunities for those with disabilities to find meaningful work.

  • Giving all Australians a fair chance at success, regardless of their background.

ParentsNext: Assisting parents so that they can contribute their skills to your company

MBC: A community-based enterprise that serves the community. Providing excellent service and expert advice to help you locate the best applicants for your open positions.

Indigenous Relationships: Educating, collaborating, and thriving through employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, enterprises, and the community.

Despite the trials of the last few years, now is a great time to reach out for help in finding a fulfilling career.

Offices are placed in most regions of Australia.


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