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Athletic nutrition coaching

Building the perfect dinner plate

The never ending question! Today we definitively answer once and for all how to choose and portion control the perfect, do it yourself dinner.

When I work with brand new clients who have never had any nutritional education before, I like to use the ‘hand size portion’ method:

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  • Your palm determines your protein portions - think chicken, beef, fish, or vegetarian options like tofu

  • Your first finger determines your veggie portions - think green beans, carrots, corn, asparagus etc

  • Cupped hands determines your carb portions - think rice or potato

  • Your thumb determines your fat portions - think avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil

At first, I recommend men starting with double potions of what I've listed above, and females to start with single portions.

Building the perfect dinner plate

Men don’t require twice as much food as women, but these numbers simply make it simple and easy to portion out meals for you and the family.

Portion Size for eating

When averaged out, this will give, with 4 meals of these portion sizes, men 3000 calories and, women 1500 calories.

Depending on your weight, activity and goals these portion sizes can be adjusted to give you a very simple and easy way to start portion controlling your food, without tracking calories.

Portion sizes for dieting

If you are new to dieting, and aren’t ready for tracking and controlling calorie intake yet this is an awesome way to start your journey.



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