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Chilli Lovers Can Enjoy Australian Made Chilli Oils

The Chilli Factory launches new Australian made Chilli Oils

The Chilli Factory

Australian chilli sauce experts, The Chilli Factory, have just released two new chilli oils; The Chilli Factory Red Belly Venom and The Chilli Factory Daintree Drizzle. The Chilli Oils come in two heat levels, hot and medium, catering to the spice lover and the more casual chilli user.

Red Belly Venom is infused with one of the world’s hottest chillies, the Carolina Reaper, and is perfect for adding spice to noodles, pastas, or dumplings. Daintree Drizzle is a milder option infused with a combination of mild chillies to add a slight chilli kick and lots of fruity flavour, and is a brilliant addition to salads or even rice paper rolls.

The chilli oils, as with all The Chilli Factory products, are made in Australia, using Australian-grown produce.

Having won over 165 awards, The Chilli Factory team prides themselves on the quality spice factor of their all-natural fresh ingredients, to produce authentic chilli products that are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and MSG, as well as being suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets.

The Chilli Factory Daintree Drizzle Chilli Oil 150ml (RRP $15) and The Chilli Factory Red Belly Venom Chilli Oil 150ml (RRP $15) are available from independent supermarkets, BBQs Galore, growers markets and fine food markets.

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