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Destination Tasmania: 7 Ways To Explore Top Tourism Area

Destination Tasmania: 7 Ways To Explore Top Tourism Town

If you’re looking for a unique place to spend your vacation, Australia’s smallest state may provide you with an unforgettable experience. Tasmania, also known as ‘Tassie,’ is a state shrouded in mystery. It is home to vast swaths of wilderness, a foreboding convict history, and, of course, some exquisitely preserved heritage towns. A visit would definitely not be a disappointment!

There are a lot of things one could do in Tasmania. Although the state appears small compared to the rest of Australia, a single day or even a couple of weeks may not be enough time to experience all of its wonders! You may need the help of experts such as Tasmania Tours or other destination specialists to make the most of your visit.

Tasmania is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. Its superb food and wine, whimsical villages, and stunning coastlines could amaze you. You can experience all of that if you explore Tasmania the best way. So, to help you plan your visit, here are seven ways to explore this great state.

Visit History

Before visiting present-day Tasmania, you might want to start with its history. After all, history heavily influences the state of any town.

Port Arthur is a significant heritage destination in Australia. The country’s colonial history is etched in its stones and bricks. It was founded in 1830 as a harsh penal colony where convicts were prompted to hew coal in mining areas and fell timber. However, due to a devastating fire in 1897, all that remains is the guard tower, hospital, model prison, and church.

Port Arthur has been a place of adversity and sanctions, a place of opportunity, and now a place of recreation. If you’d like to see for yourself, exploring would be an excellent idea.

Visit Hobart For A Dose Of Tasmania’s Culture

The capital of Tasmania is Hobart. It is nestled between the sea and Mount Wellington’s high peak and has developed a reputation for cutting-edge culture. Tasmania’s cuisines are one of the primary things you may enjoy there as Hobart’s waterfront district is teeming with chic cafes and eateries. If you prefer natural sights, you can climb Mount Wellington to appreciate the city’s lovely position fully and stare out at Tasmania’s vastness.

Hobart Tasmania

Stroll Along The Salamanca Place

Salamanca Place features beautifully preserved sandstone buildings. It was built by convicts between the years 1835 and 1860 and was then turned into warehouses. But now, the Salamanca Place houses art galleries, stores, restaurants, and cafes. It’s also a popular destination for travellers looking to shop for souvenirs, catch a show, or buy fresh seafood.

Visit The Stunning Mona Museum And Art Gallery

The MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is another avant-garde and contentious attraction in Hobart. It debuted in 2011 and was noted for its thought-provoking artwork and antique collections.

Upon entering the museum, visitors descend on a spiral staircase leading to a subterranean gallery filled with a range of exciting items and art. Aside from that, there are amusement venues, lodging pavilions, movies, and modern restaurants on the premises. If you want to watch such shows, you must first visit their website and obtain tickets.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania
Explore Cradle Mountain

For a calm, pleasurable, and peaceful mountain experience, it’s also a good idea to visit the Cradle Mountain of Tasmania. The mountain is part of Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. In there, you can see glacier-carved hills, alpine grassland, beech woods, rugged dolerite peaks, dazzling lakes, and Mount Ossa, the island’s highest point. A hiking trip here could fill your days!

Hike Through The Shores Of Freycinet National Park

If you wish to see Tasmania’s comparatively sunny east coast, you can do it by hiking through the UNESCO-listed Freycinet National Park. The most excellent thing about this peninsula is its exquisite curve of white sand and turquoise sea at Wineglass Bay, one of Australia’s premier beaches. Throughout your hike, expect to see birds, including kookaburras, black cockatoos, and sea birds.

Freycinet National Park

See The Town’s Views From Mount Wellington

Are you at ease when you’re perched on a hill and overlooking an entire city? Fortunately, the 1,270-meter-high Mount Wellington can provide a stunning perspective of Hobart. From there, you’ll be reminded of the untamed forest that sits just on the city’s doorstep.

Mount Wellington is a popular destination for bicycling and trekking, with temperate rain forests and the famous Organ Pipes ideal for rock climbing. You’ll be able to take it all in when you eventually reach the top of the mountain. If you’re in for this adventure, be sure to dress warmly as the weather is said to be pretty inconsistent.

Final Word

Those are just seven of the many more ways you can explore the beautiful state of Tasmania. Whether it’s the rewarding climbs with breathtaking vistas, the tasty wines, delicacies, and seafood, the haunting convict history, or the well-preserved towns, this state has it all. Tasmania has so much to see and do that you won’t regret a vacation there!


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