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Discover Sydney's Vibrant Street Art Scene at Manufactor: A Must-Visit Destination!

Vibrant Street Art Scene at Manufac

In a recent study, Sydney earned recognition as one of the top 10 best cities globally for street art, and Penrith’s Manufactor precinct is one of the city's best places to witness the reason why.

The lively innovation hub located in Western Sydney is a testament to the transformative power of Sydney's art scene. What was once the industrial Crane Enfield Metal factory has evolved into a captivating canvas for renowned artists, including Sam Absur, Mista M & Orkaydia, Zoë Sujii, and Calum, who left their mark during the Walls Out West street art festival in 2023. New artworks continue to be added, including a giant street art style portrait of the founder’s parents, in a nod to the changing face of the local community. 

Street art sydney

For Sydneysiders and art enthusiasts alike, Manufactor beckons with its thriving art scene waiting to be explored. Each mural in this innovative space tells a story, weaving together threads of the area's rich industrial heritage and history. From Calum's lifelike portraits to Sam Absurd's boundary-pushing graffiti and Mista M & Orkaydia's captivating blend of realism and calligraphy, the art at Manufactor is a diverse tapestry that contributes to the dynamic atmosphere of this new West Sydney space.

Vibrant Street Art Scene at Manufactor

Beyond its artistic allure, Manufactor boasts an industrial charm with striking copper accents and genuine industrial relics that tell the story of Penrith's dynamic past. Manufactor is also home to delicious local F&B offerings, from the mouthwatering barbecue delights from Brisket Boys to the crispy goodness of Flappy's Fried Chicken and the refreshing brews of Drink West, which is co-owned by NRL star Nathan Cleary and UFC fighters Tai Tuivasa and Tyson Pedro.

After a day filled with exploring Manufactor's art scene, visitors are invited to unwind and indulge in a tasty meal and refreshing drink at these beloved local establishments in the heart of the West. 

Whether you're a budding artist, street art lover, or simply seeking a new and exciting experience in Sydney, be sure to add Manufactor to your list of must-visit destinations - especially considering its now part of one of the world’s best street art locations! 


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