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Vitamin C Serum by Efani Co.

Efani Co.

I recently turned 59, and as a person who lived the majority of her life believing it was all about appearances, it has been a major awakening for me the last decade to realise it actually is not! In my younger years, most of my compliments came from my skin and how clear it was. Now I have had far too much sun damage and as I still want my skin to look its best I take extra care.

I was recently started using Efani Co. Vitamin C Serum. It comes in a protective case, and also a felt bag to keep this serum safe.

When I apply Efani Co. Vitamin C Serum to my face it feels warm, and I only use a tiny amount. The serum helps to combat free radicals that damage the skin, reduces the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, stimulates collagen production and improves skin tone and texture.

Has this serum taken away my wrinkles and transformed my skin back to my young years? No, of course not. What it is doing is making my skin complexion look and feel moisturised, and gives it a glow. I am loving that.


Efani Co., back their claims by science! After years of clinical research, the company has produced a range of skincare products that have been validated by actual results. Efani Co.'s open-ingredients policy allows you to understand what works best for your specific skin condition, with full transparency.


Efani Co. is an Australian-based skincare company dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge on the way the skin, the products are the cumulative connection between potent skincare botanicals, leading skincare experts and the outcome of research-based science.

The story began when the founder, Carmen, underwent skin treatments that left her with severe post hyper-pigmentation. She later came to learn that the solutions recommended to her were not suitable for her skin type and condition, and she became determined to resolve her skin issue. This experience led her to feel strongly about building up her own knowledge of skin biology to create effective skincare solutions that actually worked for herself, and for women like her.

Through the process of extensive research and professional studies, Carmen has teamed up with leading skincare professionals and experts to offer reliable skincare solutions for specific skin issues.

Find out more about Efani Co. and read up on the company's skincare advice.


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