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Essential Fixtures for a More Opulent Looking Bathroom


A posh and magnificent bathroom is in the wish list of many. An expansive wet cell can be an ideal place to enjoy ultimate luxury. But bathrooms need to be painstakingly designed for space efficacy and maximum comfort.

Whether you are giving your bathroom fixtures a facelift or designing a new one, here are few ways to decorate your personal space with modern bathroom fixtures ideas.

  • Bath Tubs – Installing both, a shower and a tub can give your bathroom a lavish look.

  • Freestanding Bath Tubs are available in many styles and designs, freestanding tubs can elevate the look of any bathroom. An epitome of luxury, these are an essential part of any upscale bathroom culture today. Ideal for large, modern bathrooms, these come in lion foot variant, or in oval, angular or boat shaped designs

  • Corner Bath Tubs come as a space saving solution for smaller bathrooms

  • The stylish addition of a bath mixer that towers up from the floor, add the touch of elegance to your private space

Shower Cabins – Practical and evergreen, shower cabins never go out of style. They in fact have grown bigger in size, more opulent and comfortable. Add strategically placed multiple shower heads on the wall to enjoy a luxurious bath time. Shower cabins can be placed in the centre of the room or in alcoves in the wall, in front of the window or in the corner. This will depend on your bathroom architecture. Frameless glass showers and shower rooms speak of an unspoken exquisiteness and provides a clear view of your modern shower system with minimalist and concealed mixers.

You could also build yourself a modern shower area featuring an extravagant rain shower.

Light –Sophisticated illumination concepts like mirror lights, halogen spotlights, LED strips can conjure up more lights for your bathroom. Having several light sources will let your change the lighting depending on your activity. Illuminating your bathroom from different sources will also change the look your bathroom, lending your space a feel of intimacy and warmth.

You can go for mood lights with dimmer switches so that you can alter the look of your bath room according to your mood and preference.

Chandeliers, wall sconce, exquisite lamps on the counter tops or recessed can lights can illuminate the space and give it that touch of opulence.

Mirrors – Do you have a small bathroom? But want it to look big? Mirrors are your ultimate solution to simulate size. You can make your bathroom look bigger with mirrors that come fitted with LED stripped lights. For an inspiringly fresh look, get rid of your old fashioned bath room mirror and replace it with framed bevelled mirrors. Custom made bathroom illuminated mirrors from Australian made manufacturers of lighted mirrors like Clearlight Designs offer great designs and easy installation.

These are some of the ways you can bring an element of luxury and opulence to your bathrooms and transform it into a timelessly beautiful living space.


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