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Five Ways To Make The Most Of Sydney's Music Scene

sydney music scene

Sydney has a thriving music scene, with hundreds of venues and gigs to choose from. This is great news for music fans, who can experience the city’s live performances from local bands and rising stars alike. If you’re new to Sydney’s gig culture or haven’t explored the city’s many concert venues yet, here are five tips on how you can make the most of it all.

Check the local music publications

There are a few music publications in Sydney that are worth subscribing to if you’re looking for upcoming gigs. Music Feeds is a great website that focuses on Sydney’s upcoming music events such as tours, festivals and rising bands. In particular, be sure to keep an eye out for the “Week Ahead” section and subscribe to the publication so you don’t miss out on any gigs. You can also follow similar publications on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date concert listings.

Keep An Eye Out for Free Events

If you’re looking to attend a gig but don’t want to pay for tickets, check to see if the venue is hosting a free event. For example, The Basement hosts a monthly “free for members” event before charging for tickets. This is a great way to get to know the city’s music scene, meet other fans, and experience live music for free.

Many venues often host free events near the start of the year, which means you can explore Sydney’s music scene while avoiding the big summer crowds.

Check out the venues that book top acts first

If you’re looking to attend a gig and are unsure where to start, check out the venues that book top acts first. These venues often host the most popular acts in the city before anyone else does. For example, The Palace in Newtown is one of the top venues to book for international acts due to the high demand for tickets.

Plan Ahead Of Time

If you’re considering attending music events in Sydney during the peak tourist season (June to August) its important that you have a plan to prepare for how busy it can get. This will hopefully take away a lot of the stress that often comes with the city’s hectic music scene.

One way to prepare for an upcoming concert is by booking a parking space in advance. When high-profile musicians are touring in Sydney, finding an appropriate parking space near the concert venue can be difficult. However, consulting a specialist parking company could make your concert-going experience much less stressful, and you can arrive at and leave your gig destination without any queues or unnecessary hassle.

Don’t forget about the corporate gig scene.

The corporate gig scene in Sydney is criminally underrated. The great thing about corporate gigs is that they are often less expensive, and many venues offer booking discounts to corporate clients. For example, The Basement offers corporate gigs for $20, compared to $60 for regular tickets. This is a great way to see your favourite bands for a much more affordable price!

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