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Function Over Form: A Guide To Usable Interior Design

Function Over Form: A Guide To Usable Interior Design

Interior design trends can change as often as the seasons, but function is always in fashion and should be the cornerstone of any decision you make when styling. Function might sound easier said than done, but with intelligent inventions like the stand-up desk and the robot vacuum, there is nothing to say you can't achieve your home aesthetic in the process of setting up a usable home. If you're refreshing your home or renovating it, here are some helpful interior design tips.

Tiled walls

Many leave tiled walls in the kitchen, but there are significant advantages to extending them to the rest of the home beyond a splashback. A stylish glossy tile will effectively bounce light around the room, enhancing your natural light offering and making any space appear larger and more luxurious. If you thought that white was the only colour option on the table, you could incorporate several colours as the effect comes from the gloss finish and less about the colour. In saying that, using a white tile with one or more other colours will result in a lighter and airier environment, so try not to leave it out.

Smart technology

Smart home technology offers more than just convenience. It also means that you can do away with those unsightly stereos, the collection of odd remotes, and all that other technology that feels like a tour of the 21st century. Instead, choose one sleek unit that can be in or out of view and have it tie all your technology together seamlessly. Remember, smart appliances are more than just Alexis putting on your favourite playlist, it can also be synced with your kitchen appliances and even your home security system.

Home Office

The home office

No one could have foreseen the events that unfolded in 2020 and the subsequent fallout for countless industries. With entire organisations moving to a home office m, the importance of establishing a functional and sleek working environment has never been more critical. If you have resisted a home office makeover, you might want to reconsider as this is the new normal and what future work looks like. Home office stylings have come a long way in recent years, allowing you to make this space aesthetically pleasing and usable for short or long periods of work.

Low maintenance plants

What ambition do we display when we buy our plants and pledge to keep them beautiful and healthy, but how long does this vigour usually last? Usable interior design is about achieving a stylish home without sacrificing function, so consider a self-watering vertical garden. The vertical garden has exploded into the residential and commercial design realm. Its unique build allows you to maintain your green ecosystem without having to do too much to keep it alive. Low maintenance plants can be a dramatic interior design choice, but it's one you won't regret when you learn just how easy it looks after itself, thanks to the built-in irrigation systems.

Smart storage

Kitchens are starting to change, with new builds more focused on expansive serving areas, bench space, and highlighting the beautiful appliances therein. Smart storage doesn't mean that pots, pans and all our kitchen essentials have gone - it means they are stare housed in a smart storage system. What might appear as a narrow panel can be a pantry that opens with a soft touch. The sky is the limit for what you can achieve with storage, allowing you to let your spaces be about their core purpose.


We hope these ideas spark some inspiration for your own home, as there is so much exploring to do when putting function first. It's always tempting to put appearances first, but your home has to be usable as well.


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