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Gift Guide - For Spiritually Awakened Individuals

I have put together a guide of gifts that would be great for those that are spiritually awake. At times it is difficult to find something meaningful to give someone so check out these ideas below. And for more spiritual inspiration head over to my other website

Great Walks of Australia
Great Walks Australia

Great Walks of Australia is a collection of 12 of Australia's best guided multi-day hike experiences - perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in nature to disconnect, whilst reconnecting with themselves, loved ones and of course nature. With walks spread across Australia, they're an amazing Christmas gift. Visit to find out more.

Health benefits of walking

Walking is one of the simplest but most powerful things most of us can do for our entire state of wellbeing. As well as releasing endorphins and serotonin, it's very grounding. Getting into the flow and rhythm of walking is deeply relaxing and calming - it can become almost meditative. There's been extensive scientific studies done on the benefits spending time in nature has on our health. These include a reduction in stress levels and cortisol, reduction in blood pressure, reduction in depression, improved feelings of wellbeing and quality of sleep.


Australian Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Collective Byron Bay

All-natural, plant-derived ingredients, so you can feel good about what you are using on your hair and body.

* Handcrafted in Australia in the Byron Shire

* Perfect for soothing dry, irritated skin or cracked skin

* Helping you eliminate plastic waste

* Infused with Australian hemp seed oil

* We only use natural plant-derived ingredients so it’s good for you & the planet

* Hemp Seed Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, perfect for sore joints & easing muscle tension.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Nothing says I love you like a little bit of self-care. Shampoo and conditioner bars are a great way to treat your eco-conscious & spiritually awakened friends and family (and leave her hair feeling soft, healthy and silky smooth). At Hemp Collective, we love our Hemp Shampoo Bar with Lavender and Rose Geranium. It smells absolutely delightful.


Rose and Jasmine Masterpiece Oils

Rose and Jasmine Masterpiece Oils

Immerse yourself and those you love in the enchanting scents of nature's luxury Rose and Jasmine Masterpiece Oils this Christmas.

Reconnect with mother nature and indulge in the Queen of Oils, Rose, thoughtfully crafted from over 10,000 hand-picked blossoms per 5mL bottle. Or the aromatic Jasmine Essential Oil which is carefully crafted using 60,000 of the finest blossoms per 2.5mL bottle. The rare and beautiful petals used in doTERRA's Masterpiece Oils are sustainably handpicked in Bulgaria, to guarantee exceptional quality. The Masterpiece Oils are a perfect and unique personal fragrance, that uplift with mood boosting and relaxation properties.

Giving the gift of doTERRA is not only an indulgence in the most exquisite form of essential oil, but also a choice to feel a good about, as their commitment to co-impact sourcing contributes to revitalizing Bulgaria’s agriculture.

Let your loved ones unwrap the gift of nature this Christmas with doTERRA, where each drop embodies the essence of love, care, and a touch of festive magic.


Joanne Swadling Kalimbas and Tongue Drums
Tongue Drum

Kalimbas and Tongue Drums which are instruments anyone can learn how to play, don't need to be musical. They were incorporated into Joanne's Eco Health & Wellbeing store to help people relax with stress and anxiety during COVID, but also now due to the added pressures many people face. They are low-cost, and there are plenty of free tutorials online.



A Lasting Tale
A Lasting Tale Dimity and Anne

Personal grief prompted Dimity Brassil, who comes from a long line of storytellers, to help Aussie families create lasting memories as a private audio podcast series.

Following the deaths of her father, Pat, and sister, Belinda, in quick succession and pre-empting the inevitable passing of her mother, Anne, 90, Dimity asked her mum if she could record her life story.

Mum-of-nine Anne, who loves telling a tale or two, agreed. It was so well received by family and friends, they formed A Lasting Tale, without realising the impact empowering older Australians sharing their life stories with loved ones would have.

A Lasting Tale has launched nationally, starting a trend of humble and heroic Aussies recording their life stories. To date, Dimity and her team have recorded more than 1500 life stories, turning the professional interviews into a personalised audio series for their families to keep forever.


BJ's PJs - Sustainable comfort for your summer lifestyle
BJ's PJ's

BJ's PJs, offers a sustainable twist to your summer relaxation. Crafted in Sydney with a commitment to eco-conscious practices, their versatile range is made from premium Australian organic cotton. These comfy, breathable lounging options are perfect for warm summer nights. Featuring unique designs that capture the essence of Sydney's vibrant lifestyle, BJ's PJs combines style and sustainability for a thoughtful and fashionable Christmas gift, with wire-free breast support, and modern styles offering discretion and confidence for those relaxing fun times with family and friends.



Mentwell ( is a digital gift card platform for health and wellness services, including alternative, complementary and energy-based practices. The receiver gets to choose how they redeem their card at any service provider, Australia-wide. This could be on reiki, kinesiology, Vedic astrology readings, psychic readings, tarot etc.

Mentwell want to revolutionise the gifting industry by providing a gift that is pragmatic and practical, but also educates people about energy-based services and how they can guide and transform lives.


The Inner Compass Journal
The inner compass journal

Contains a framework that will:

- Help you tune into your intuition so that you can make clear decisions about your goals.

- Prompt you to check in with yourself and help build healthy habits that work for you.

- Reduce the clutter of your mind so that you can gain more focus and clarity and get more done in less time.

- Develop your self-reflection so that you can uncover your emotions and work through them.

- Steady that internal busyness/unsettled feeling so that you can find yourself with newfound patience and calm.

- Shift those unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs- you’ll find yourself feeling more inspired and motivated to move forward and make much-needed changes on a spiritual and practical level so that you can experience more joy in all areas of your life.

Combining spirituality and practicality, the Inner Compass Journal will seamlessly fit into your day.


Reset Razor
ergonomic razer

Susie Parry, who is an expert in design for function and just launched a completely new designed body shaver, called Reset Razor ( Susie has ditched the handle for an ergonomic design to be held with a straight wrist which prevents nicks and cuts for better skin health.

Susie launched The Reset Collective initiative, a community resonating with those on a spiritual journey, encouraging mindfulness in our daily choices. This collective champions quality, sustainability, and intentional design, ensuring each product we use not only serves a purpose but also resonates with the desire for excellence and conscious evolution.

Why it’s a better shave:

  • Functional design: Neutral wrist and hand posture allows significantly improved coordination, resulting in smoother and more accurate shaving strokes, with fewer nicks, cuts and missed spots, leaving your skin healthier and radiant.

  • Customisation: Promotes longer use and less waste, as well as easier identification in shared bathrooms.

  • Convenience and value: A blade subscription refill service that saves money, time and reduces waste with long-term use.

  • Sustainable: The body and base of the Reset Razor is manufactured using a single recyclable material, as opposed to most stick razors on the market which can’t be recycled.

  • Resetting standards: Redefines shaving while inspiring a shift in design standards in everything we do.

Crystal Jewellery
howlite bracelet

Crystal jewellery makes a great gift for the spiritually awakened. Head over to my designs at

for a range of unique handmade jewellery (I know blatant self promotion here).


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