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Gingle Bells Gin

Gingle Bells Gin
Ho! Ho! Ho! Tis the Season to be a few months time!

Make this Christmas the one that you give the most memorable gifts ever. To make it easy I'll be publishing the best from now until Christmas and here's the first one on my list! Gingle Bells Gin: a gift set of six botanical infused gin baubles laced with a silver ribbon.

Each bauble is hand made by family owned and operated, Wild Hibiscus Flower Co., who specially craft the gin themselves in their recently constructed distillery. If you can't stand to part with these six little cuties you can always use them as Christmas tree decorations and drink the baubles after everyone has gone home! Below is my idea of an Aussie Christmas tree; a fake palm with Gingle Bells Gin! Just kidding, it's actually too early to pull out the real tree but you get the idea on how these can make fabulous baubles, except of course with young children you will need to have them up high and out of reach of curious little fingers.

Gingle Bells Gin Baubles

The homemade Australian dry gin is infused with six different natural botanicals for a distinctive flavour and colour. Flavours include Finger Lime, B’Lure Butterfly Pea Flower, Wattleseed, Snow Chrysanthemum, Wild Hibiscus and Pepperberry. For a decorative touch, each bauble’s botanical flavour can be visibly seen in its centre with an ethereal floral element encased inside.

Included in the gift set is a cocktail recipe to accompany each bauble’s unique gin. Gingle Bells Gin make for the perfect gift, party favour or event decoration.

Gingle Bells Gin

The gift set includes two 54ml baubles at 37% alcohol volume and four 50ml baubles at 40% alcohol volume, so easy on the tipple please!

Gingle Bells can be purchased for RRP AUD$79 at the website and select stockists.

For more information, visit:


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