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Help your child learn to read using Phonics With Feeling

Phonics WIth Feeling are affordable books for children to read, colour in, and keep. They are easy to download from the website and print.

Phonics with Feeling readers are not your usual decodable readers. These readers are handcrafted to maximize the kind of pleasure and emotional engagement that motivates children to read, while providing carefully sequenced decoding practice. The stories are longer than those in most decodable readers, so there’s space in which to create coherent plots, engaging characters, and themes worth talking about. The word choice is more adventurous too, enticing children to try out words beyond their everyday vocabulary. 

Photo: (C) Phonics With Feeling (supplied)

There are plenty of playful ‘sound effects’ and stories in rhyming verse to consolidate and build phonemic awareness, and there’s plenty of humour. But these are stories that take children seriously. 

The first five readers revise the Foundation Code, while the remaining forty readers focus on the Extended Code, with only one new sound/letter relationship introduced in most stories. At only a dollar a book, families can afford to own the whole series, and re-visit the stories to develop children’s sound/spelling knowledge. 

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