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How is Matcha Powder Made?

how is matcha powder made

From healthy gurus to hipsters, everyone seems to love matcha these days! Pop into a cafe in Sydney and the chances are you’ll see some kind of matcha-infused item, be it a matcha latte, matcha ice cream, or even matcha cookies. Whether you’re a green tea matcha lover or have yet to try it, most people don’t know how it’s made. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to uncover the mystery and dive into the origins of the world’s favourite health drink.

What is Japanese Green Tea Matcha?

Before looking at how it’s made, you first need to understand what matcha is. Matcha is a variety of green tea that can be used in a ton of recipes and is much more potent than regular green tea. It has a wealth of health benefits, from being full of disease-fighting antioxidants to protecting the liver. It also contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee but provides a more even, sustained energy boost, making it the perfect pick-me-up! You can start to see why it’s so popular, right?

What Does Matcha Look Like?

When you buy matcha, it comes as a green powder. This powder is totally different from loose leaf tea, which drinkers add to the water in tea bags or strainers. The tea then infuses the water, and the leftover leaf parts are chucked away. Matcha powder, instead, is mixed with the water and consumed. This method gives you far more of the benefits than infusing, which is one reason why matcha tea is considered a health drink.

Match Powder
How is Matcha Made?

Matcha makers use young green tea leaves to create the powder. The younger the leaves, the more catechins (antioxidants) they’ll contain, so picking them at the right time is essential! These leaves are then ground using stones until they become a super fine powder, ready for consumption. The highest-quality matcha comes from Japan, where growers have been cultivating their trees for years to produce the finest, purest green tea leaves. Here, it’s been used since the 12th century and is even a part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, making it a drink that’s incredibly important to their culture.

Matcha tea

How to Make a Traditional Matcha Tea

Matcha can be incorporated into everything, from a salsa verde recipe to matcha cake, providing a healthy kick and earthy taste to plenty of dishes. If you’ve never tried matcha before, you should start with the traditional use; matcha tea. It’s easy to make, provides a quick health boost, and carries a lot of cultural significance. Here’s how to make your own cup:

  1. Use a small sifter to sieve the matcha into your cup

  2. Add hot water that’s just below boiling

  3. Use a bamboo whisk, or a small fork or spoon, to blend the water and matcha powder

  4. Whisk until frothy and enjoy!

Buy Matcha in Australia

If you’ve decided to give matcha a go, or you’ve just rekindled your love for it, good for you! Matcha is a great way to protect your body and boost your brain, and it’s super tasty too. Just make sure you buy the best matcha powder in Australia so you know you’re getting all of the benefits.


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