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How To Address The Self-Care Tasks You've Been Putting Off

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Everyone has something they know they should be doing, but aren’t, or haven’t just yet. It might be that you’re tired of how much you accidentally curse in conversations, and wish to work on that. Perhaps you wish to cut out alcohol, but considering how many celebratory events and family gatherings you’ve attended as of late, finding a glass of wine in your hand is not uncommon.

Maybe you just need to finally get your eyes tested for a new prescription once more, but haven’t been for schedule’s sake. It can be tough to address the self-care tasks you’ve been putting off, because if they’ve been delayed long enough, the delay itself becomes ‘a thing’ of tangential value that you begin to think you’re limited by it.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to get over that and simply get back to the momentum you’ve been planning for so long, instead of torturing yourself. When you can do that, you’ll be moving in the right direction right more. So, let’s consider where to begin:

dental checkup

Set A Specific Date In Your Calendar

When you write down the date by which you absolutely could attend to this task, such as a free day from work or when your partner will be home to look after the children, you can use this as an opportunity to attend the dentist, have your eyes tested, or even undergo that spa day with a friend. Don’t forget, however, that sometimes having the entire family attended to along with this, such as having your children’s teeth checked too, can hit multiple birds with one stone and help you avoid constant trips out for one purpose.

Make That Investment To Get The Ball Rolling

Sometimes, the ‘sunk-cost fallacy’ can work in your favor. If you make an investment in a tool or utility, odds are you’re going to try and use it more and more in order to get the right value out of it. So perhaps you could order a block of fitness classes as opposed to turning up to one now and again, making this part of your routine, or attending a class like yoga in order to work on your stretching with your partner. Make that investment to get the ball rolling, even if it’s as simple as a yoga mat in your spare room alongside some candles.

walking in nature

Get To The Root Of Why You’re Putting It Off

It might be that it’s not laziness or a somewhat unfocused mind causing you to avoid this essential task, but something you’re really not looking forward to. Having your teeth checked out might lead to further restorative work, which may feel worrying to you. But when you know that’s the reason you’re delaying treatment you need, you can then relay these concerns to the person responsible for helping you, and they will no doubt help assuage some of your fears. Sometimes, even vocalising an issue like this can help you notice your avoidance behaviour and the cause behind it immediately.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to address the self-care tips you’ve been putting off.


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