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How to Experience Melbourne Like Never Before

Melbourne is one of the top cities in Australia to visit. Whether you're an Australian resident or you're visiting from elsewhere, Melbourne offers you a vast range of things to do. Tourists might head straight to Ramsay Street or to Melbourne Zoo, but the city has a lot more to see and do than the usual tourist attractions. If you're visiting this mighty Australian city, you should make it a point to head to some slightly more unusual places. You don't have to go out of your way to seek out a variety of attractions and activities. Take a look at these options for your trip.

Explore at Different Times of Day

You've never really seen a city until you've explored it at different times of the day. A city at noon is very different from what it will look like at 6 am or 11 pm. If you've seen what Melbourne has to offer during the day, make sure you also check out the nightlife. When you're looking for Melbourne activities after dark, you won't be limited to bars, pubs, and clubs. You can do everything from going on a sunset zoo safari to riding a Ferris Wheel or going to see some comedy.

How to Experience Melbourne Like Never Before

Go to a Big Event

Heading to a festival or event is always an exciting way to see what a city has to offer. They often have unique events that give you a flavour of what the city is all about. You can find all sorts of events to attend in Melbourne, from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show to the Dog Lovers Show (which both take place at the Royal Exhibition Building). Of course, you'll find plenty of sporting events, but if that's not for you, there's the Moomba Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and much more.

Head to the Beach

How to experience melbourne

Photo by Alexis on Unsplash

You're often required to separate your city trips from beach trips when travelling. But, in Melbourne, you don't have to go far to find the nearest beach. St Kilda beach is only a few kilometres away from the CBD, and it even has the bonus of a colony of fairy penguins. You can see them from a distance and take photos of them, but it's essential to follow the rules to avoid disturbing them too much. There's plenty more to do in St Kilda, too so, once you've had your fill of the penguins, you can explore the beach and suburb further.

Find Unique Places to Eat

How to experience Melbourne

Anyone who likes to explore somewhere new by eating and drinking their way around the place will love Melbourne. There's a massive choice of places to eat, from food trucks and small eateries to fine dining. Queen Victoria Market is an excellent place for casual eats, including the American Doughnut Kitchen van. At the same time, Chinatown (the world's oldest continuous Chinatown) is great if you're looking for dumplings.

Experience Melbourne in a new way by seeking unique experiences that you can't get anywhere else.


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