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How To Inject Some Of That Signature Sydney Style Into Your Home

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Is your home in need of a dire modern makeover? Thinking of embarking on some home renovations to spruce up your space, but don’t know where to start? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to modern Australian interior decor styles, no one knows it better than the Sydneysiders, and that is exactly where we’re sourcing inspiration for today’s article.

Without a doubt, Sydney is home to some of the country’s most impressive apartments, terrace houses and bungalows that feature modern contemporary interiors that are worthy of being on the pages of a home interior design magazine. If you’re on a mission to recreate the stunning interiors of Harbour City in your very own home or apartment, you’re in luck. Today, we share 5 practical tips on how you can inject some of that signature Sydney style into your humble abode, so simply read on to find out more!

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Opt For Minimalist Furniture

Heavily inspired by Scandinavian interior decor styles, Sydney homes are no stranger to the concept of minimalist furniture that creates a soothing and inviting space featuring a timeless aesthetic. If you’re looking to inject some of that signature Sydney style into your home, we highly recommend opting for minimalism when choosing your key items of furniture. Whether it’s your coffee table, sofa, or kitchen and dining room chairs, minimalist furniture and accessories focus on functionality and practicality. Featuring flat, smooth surfaces and strong, clean lines, we recommend choosing pieces that emphasise the essential nature of each item. Prioritise pieces that are simple and refined in their structure — no curved arms with stud details on sofas and no tufted button-backs on armchairs. Coffee tables should feature simple shapes and legs that aren't too intricate, while dining sets should prioritise practicality over all else.

Top Tip: While bright and bold colours are indeed a stunning option, many minimalist pieces often feature clean, neutral palettes with small additions of natural timber for a relaxed, modern feel. Learn more about choosing minimalist furniture in this handy guide.

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Embrace The Coast

It is no secret that the majority of Sydney homes source heavy inspiration from modern coastal interior design. Simply put, coastal Interior design (or Hamptons design) embraces that relaxed Aussie lifestyle by celebrating open-plan living and exterior spaces. Combined with minimalist furniture and decor, this creates a stunning combination that many Sydney homes are so famous for. Some popular coastal elements found in gorgeous Sydney homes include whitewashed wood panelling, a combination of curtains and blinds, and natural elements such as bamboo, rattan, linen, leather, cotton and hemp.

When it comes to coastal accessories, we tend to fall on the side of “less is more”. Too many baskets, shells and generic prints can quickly look kitsch, so be sure to choose wisely. Instead of the cookie-cutter decor that you’ll find at most decor stores, opt for modern contemporary versions with a twist. For example, choosing an abstract print or impression of a ship over a generic photo or piece of artwork you’ll find at Spotlight will make all the difference in creating a stylish modern Sydney interior VS a tacky, coastal mess.

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Introduce A Pop Of Lush Foliage

Another key contender when creating a Sydney-inspired interior is, of course, pops of lush foliage. Nothing beats the serenity that indoor plants introduce into even the smallest of spaces, not to mention the numerous health and mental benefits of including plants in your space. However, when it comes to greenery, styling is key — look for interesting leaf shapes, patterns and colours, and be sure to create an element of depth with various sizes, heights and displays. Most importantly, you want to bring in plants that will thrive in your space. Nothing takes away from your interior aesthetic more than a collection of dying plants, so be sure to choose wisely.

Some of our favourite, low-maintenance options include the every-hardy Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata), the stunning ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem), and the lush Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata). When styling your home with plants, it is also vital to choose modern planters and pots that complement your interior decor. Some popular choices in Sydney homes include concrete planters, fibreglass, stone and ceramic.

Choose Oversized Statement Pieces

Piggybacking on the less is more train, when choosing the decor, we highly recommend opting for oversized statement pieces such as large paintings, prints and mirrors over their smaller counterparts. This idea can be applied throughout your home, regardless of the room, and the sheer size or scale of a piece not only looks impressive but can also be an instant talking point for your guests. Some of our favourite, Sydney-approved options include oversized lamp shades, oversized pendant lighting, ornate oversized mirrors, XL indoor planters/plants, large canvases and extra-large sculptures.

Top Tip: One thing to keep in mind when choosing oversized items is to pick something you truly love. Because your pieces will form a focal point in your home, you don’t want to pick something that you will quickly grow weary of seeing. You need to make sure that you choose pieces that you not only absolutely adore right now but will love seeing in the future as well.

Rethink Your Wall Colour

Last but not least, rethinking your wall colour and splashing on a new coat of paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways of injecting some signature Sydney style into your home. Generally, most modern Sydney homes feature a neutral or monochromatic colour palette in shades of white, cream, grey, or beige. This can be added upon with a pop of bold colour in the form of a feature wall, textured wall or wall panelling that will add a touch of modern-industrial chic without looking too extreme. As a general rule of thumb, opt for monochromatic colours on your walls, accented with pops of colour in an analogous or complementary colour scheme. This way, you don’t risk creating a space that looks too convoluted or clashing. Explore 20 rooms that make a strong case for monochromatic colour schemes here.

Top Tip: We love the idea of neutral wall colours accented with a darker, bolder feature wall that creates the perfect backdrop for your bed or sofa, without looking over the top.


And there you have it – 5 practical interior design tips that are guaranteed to inject some of that signature Sydney style into your home, no matter where you are. We hope that this article has given you some new inspiration when it comes to refreshing your interiors, and we wish you the best on your home design journey!


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